Monday, July 27, 2009

Treasure Hunt: Junkie for Life!

So Glad you're here! Hopefully, you are on the last stop of the Treasure Hunt. If you are stopping here first, you really need to follow the Hunt starting at the Technique Junkie Design Team blog ( At each blog in the Treasure Hunt, you will pick up a letter -- and when you are done, you will come back here and leave me a comment with what you have found.

The winner of the Treasure Hunt will become a JUNKIE FOR LIFE! If you win, that will mean that all of the past and future materials are yours. CDs will automatically show up at your door. Issues will appear like magic. WooHoo! Let me tell you a little about the card above. My card uses a morphed version of the Starch Smoosh Technique, one of the 16 new techniques inside the August 2009 edition of the Technique Junkie Newsletter. When I morphed my card, I used colored cardstock in place of the glossy cardstock the technique calls for -- and it has a smashing result!! I used a stamp from Stampin' Up!'s Nature Nest Collection, and paired it with a SU Wheel, too.

The newsletters are being mailed today,too, so watch your mailboxes if you are already a Technique Junkie! And the link...I bet it is live by the time you finish reading this : )

Okay, no more turtling around! Leave me a comment at the end of this post with what you have collected on the Treasure Hunt. I will pick a winner when I return from CHA and vacation on Monday, August 3rd. Good Luck!


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Unknown said...

I found a J.Hope you have fun at CHA. Boy am I envious.I will be waiting in your driveway when you get home to hear all about it!!


Shelly Hickox said...

Very cool card! I am going to have to try this variation.

Marilyn said...

Okay... I can't believe I am the first to comment!!!
I found letters spelling: JUST GESSO as I followed the blogs and saw some amazing creations! What a creative group of ladies!!!
Thank you so much. I had a wonderful time... Marilyn in Texas! :o)

Lisa Somerville said...

Great mophed version of the original Technique Pat!

Holly said...

There's nothing on Kathie McGuire's blog so I can't complete this treasure hunt.

Christa said...

Yea! It looks like I am the first one to leave my message! The Treasure Hunt word is "Just Gesso". How fun. I hope I win!!!

Unknown said...

Hi! I traveled through all the great blogs and collected the treasure tips. They spell: Just Gesso.

Thanks for the fun game!

Anonymous said...

Pat, I collected the words "JUST GESSO" on the Treasure Hunt. I sure hope I'm a winner. This hunt was great fun!
Evette Rice

Shelley said...

Hi there, Kathy's blog didn't have the treasure but i'm guessing it's
Fun artwork too! Shelley Banghart

Kimm BT said...

Awesome tweek on the technique Pat!

Carey said...

I don't think I am the first one because your comment moderation is on. I love the Treasure Hunt. Each blog is more beautiful than the last.


is the word that is spelled. It is an old technique. I hope I win, I hope I win

pedstamper at sbcglobal dot net

Audrey Huffman ( said...

I found out that we "JUST GESSO" with Pat Huntoon and the TJ'ers. Is this the correct answer? This was fun Pat and I learned a lot along the way. Love, Audrey at

Menfin_qc said...

Really cute card Pat ! The background looks fabulous... I'm anxious to try it out !

Here what I found along the way :


Thanks for the fun game and the discoveries I'm made along the way.

Jingle said...

This is a really cute card! I love the way your technique worked out!

Unknown said...

I was able to gather clues from all of the blogs except Kathie (it was a black and white flower card and she didn't mention anything about the TJ hunt). Anyway, I am guessing that the treasure is "Just Gesso"

Thanks for this great treasure hunt and sneek peeks of the newsletter! I hope I am the winner! lol

JazzyH said...


Belinda said...

Pat, I enjoyed the Technique Trail. I love all the projects and am eager to receive my August issue.
Please enter me into your Junkie for Life contest. My answer is Just gesso. However, I didn't see a letter on Kathie's blog and am guessing it should be a "u". Hopefully you will accept this comment into your drawing. Sure hope to win this one!
Belinda Johnson

Anonymous said...

....I found 'just gesso' on the treasure hunt.
Kathy Iwen

Lori Stilger said...

Oooh, I'm the FIRST! :D I got JUST GESSO!! :D (Although Kathie's blog didn't have the post yet, I'm betting the U is her letter.... :D)
Hope you're having a WONDERFUL vacation, Pat! :) This was fun!!

Becky said...

Just Gesso

Thanks for a fun blog hop

mypapermoon512 at aol dot com

Jingle said...

Just Gesso!!!! LOL! That is just a perfect treasure! Thanks for the fun!

Lisa Bohler said...

Does the first one ever get picked? I have every issue from the beginning but would LOVE to subscribe for ever for free!!!

I think it spells out JUST GESSO. There's a link missing but I'm pretty good at Wheel of Fortune on my I pod so that's my guess!

Thanks for the fun, Pat and all!

Anonymous said...

What fun that was following the likns and picking up treasures along the way!!! Here's what I found "JUST GESSO"

lourdesfay at gmail dot com

Barb said...

What a great game!!! JUST GESSO is what I ame up with. Barb

Unknown said...

Love the samples. Can't wait to play. Kathie's blog wasn't up yet but it looks like "Just Gesso" to me. Think I'll need to pick up a new jar of the stuff.

Katie M

Clara said...

Just Gesso!

Candy Meyers said...

Hi Pat,
This was fun. I spent time on each blog checking out their samples and techniques. The clues added up to JUST GESSO. Thanks for doing this.
Candy Meyers

Dani said...

Just Gesso is the phrase. This was fun and I loved the great artwork.
Thanks for having the hunt for us
My email is:

Thank You!!!! Dani

Helen said...

Looks like I have found "Just Gesso" in my treasure chest!! I never usually win these blog contests, but I have been a junkie for LOTS of years and a Technique Junkie for about 5 years! I would love to be a LIFER for free!!! Thank you for the opportunity!

Helen Osterkamp

Holly said...

Thanks for adding the extra letter to the Treasure Hunt. I have collected these letters:


Beautiful cards on this hunt! Thanks for the fun eye candy and the chance to win a FABULOUS prize!

Lisa Rudnick said...

LOVED the treasure hunt! I am always amazed at the techniques and talent!
The treasures I found were:
Just Gesso!
Very cool treasure!!!
Have a blast at CHA! Wish I was there too

Anonymous said...

Just Gesso, What a great idea. Thanks, Kathy Fox,

Lisa Rudnick said...

LOVED the treasure hunt!
The techniques and talent are amazing (as always!)...and the treasures!
I found: Just Gesso!
Love it!
Enjoy CHA!
Wish I was there too.

Ginni said...

My guess is "just gesso"!

Ginni Selby

Linda Carson said...

"Just Gesso"! Love your card Pat! Thanks for an awesome opportunity to be a TJer for life!!

Linda Carson

Lion Dancer said...


I hope I'm doing this right. The clues spell Just Gesso.


Joy Keeping

Rose said...

I must be in the wrong place-there are no other comments!! This was great fun, great art and now can't wait to get over and check out the new newsletter! (which is where everyone else is!) JUST GESSO is what I found-hmmmm-is that a clue?
Rose Alexa

Debbie said...

"Just Gesso". I hope that's right, I would love to win the Treasure Hunt. What fun and a great way for the bloggers to share their work.

rush8888 said...

JUST GESSO !!!!! rush

Patricia Swagler said...

The clue I collected was Just Gesso. I hope my name is picked!!

Patricia Swagler

Julie S said...

Great tour gals!! I found Just Gesso

Have fun at CHA!! Excited about this treasure hunt!

Kathy Eddy said...

Woo-hoo, I am the firt comment. I don't think that has ever happened here! Here is what I found on your treasure hunt: Just Gesso.
Kathy Eddy

Linda w said...

Ok I can't believe I did not know there was a TJ blog. I only knew about this one. Talk about slow, probably slower than that turtle. So I finished the treasure hunt and found all the letters and as far as I can tell it spells "just gesso". I would so love to be a TJer for life.

thanks much

Holly said...

The treasure hunt clues I found are:


Tish said...

These new card ideas leave my mouth gaping in awe. So fantastic.
The word was Just Gesso.
Not sure how we were to leave it.
Oh--what really left me gaping was what the winner gets. That is the best gift of all.

Priscilla said...

I can't beleive I am the first to get thru the treasure hunt. Just Gesso is what I collected. August newsletter sounds fabulous I can't wait to get it. All the cards by the design team were so enticing.
Thanks for the great diversion from my daily job search(ugg).

Unknown said...

The clues I collected are JUST GESSO.
sue4tj at verizon dot net

Martha Rose said...


Loving this treasure hunt, Pat. Thanks for all the hard work to make it happen.

Deanne G said...

I'm all done and all I can say is "WOW". What great inspiration out there!

My guess is as follows:


Thanks so much! I've got my fingers crossed!

dcartegroves at yahoo dot com

Cheryl said...

Great samples of the upcoming newsletter! The letters I have collected are:
Can't wait to see the August newsletter

Stampin'Jen said...


Carol said...


Kat Merryman said...

Kat Merryman ( here - as usual the artwork is all stunning and inspirational. I found the treasures JUST GESSO on my hunt through some of the most talented artists in the land. Kudos!!!

SusanK said...

Just Gesso are the treasures I collected. Looks like another awesome newsletter is about to arrive on my doorstep...possibly loaded with lots of techniques using gesso. Can't wait! And I'd LOVE to be the lucky TJer for life!

tsurowiec said...


What a fantastic prize and a great way to get a sneak peek at the new techniques coming out!

Theresa Surowiec

Bobbi Nessly said...

Can't believe I'm the first to comment.Loved everyones cards and techniques. I found the words "Just Gesso". Thanks for a great challenge.

Missy K. said...

Just Gesso

pupton said...

Hi Pat! Love the treasure hunt. I am looking forward to the August edition! Cool techniques! The treasure spells: just gesso. I sure to hope I win!

Thanks Pat!

Willy said...

Hi Pat,

Great idea, this Treasure Hunt. So I visited all blogs (fantastic to see what they made) and this is what I found: JUST GESSO.
It would be great to become a junkie for life, but if not.... I'll pay my whole life because to live without the TJ is impossible!!!

Marcy Fleetwood said...

Pat you ROCK!!! Your treasure Hunt is awesome! I came up with
Thanks! Marcy

SherylH said...

Am I really the first?! Had lots of fun doing the blog hop and enjoyed the great projects from the TJ designers. The clues added up to: Just Gesso

Terry said...

Hi Pat, Ok I have no idea if I have done this correctly or not! Win or not, I will always be a Junkie for Life! Thanks for the journey!

Just Gesso

Nelda Deakins said...

"Just Gesso" is my Treasure Hunt
answer - looks like I'm the first to post an answer.....hmmmm...No. 1is never ever a chosen one! Well, we will see! I enjoyed this Treasure Hunt - thanks Pat! Nelda Deakins, aka neldamc 765 at charter dot net

reflections:0) said...

Wow! What really great stuff...

Just Gesso...


Sarah said...

Well, that was fun, inspiring, and has me wanting to more about the newsletter! I guess that is just what you intended! Collecting the clues gives me the words JUST GESSO. It would be such a treat to win that fabulous prize that you are offering. Got my fingers crossed!

Soggy Stamper said...

This has been a fun blog hop and scavenger hunt. I have collected JUST GESSO.
Sue Erickson

Slaybell said...

Hi Pat,, I collected the words JUSTGESSO . thank you
Becky Moore

Brenda said...

Hi Pat
That was a fun hunt
I came up with JUST GESSO



nancy y said...

so fun to see all the great artwork on all of the blogs! Creative people!!

I found -

JUST GESSO on my hop!
I'm guessing there will be lots of gesso used in the new newsletter ;-)

nancine at sbcglobal dot net

stampinfranni said...

It was fun previewing the techniques, Pat. All the cards along the way were beautiful!!! The treasure I found is "JUST GESSO." Could that be the name of another technique in the Aug newsletter? Can't wait to get it! And, oh how I hope I'm the lifetime winner!!!

Lynn Stevens said...

Well, that was fun Pat! Now I'm really excited to get the newsletter and start stamping. heres my letters I,ve collected
Thanks Lynn Stevens

Anonymous said...

Fun treasure hunt--loved seeing all the cool new "sneek peek" techniques along the way--and this is what I came up with "Just Gesso"!!!

What an "awesome" piece of treasure that would be to--to be a "Technique Junkie for life!"!!! :-)

Have fun at CHA!!! :-)

KJ aka Kathy Johnson

akagreenhouse said...

Pat, This is so cool! I've not been a junkie for a few years because my dh lost his job. I would love to win this and be a junkie for life!!!!

Just Gesso is what I found on the treasure hunt.

Thanks for the blog hop! It was great fun and very inspirational!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Pat. Neat blog hop.

What I collected was


Jeri Dentel

hookedontechniques said...

Hi Pat, fun hunt and beautiful samples, can't wait till the next isssue. I am guessing that the newsletter will be about art techniques using Gesso as the clue spells just gesso. Thanks for the fun...Linda Strawn

di said...

just gesso

Michelle said...

Just Gesso

What fun this Treasure hunt is!

Karen said...

I came up with JUST GESSO. Does this mean gesso will be the primary medium in techniques for the August newsletter?

It was fun following the treasure hunt blog. Loved all of the sneak peaks. Hopefully I will get chosen for the TJ lifetime prize. Would love that! Thank you Pat and Design team for all the wonderful ideas, examples, and inspiration given in each fantastic newsletter.

Karen S

Unknown said...

My answer is JUST GESSO.
Thank you for a chance to win. I really enjoyed seeing all technique sneak peeks!

Stampin_melissa said...

What a great card Pat! Enjoy CHA! I The clues I found:


Moose Ridge said...

"just gesso" -- sounds very interesting!!

Dunlap TN

slbt17 said...


and I know why! Loved the peek and have fun!
slbt17 at yahoo dot com

Paula Platoff in Los Angeles, CA said...

I found all the treasures: "Just Gesso". What a fun treasure hunt, and how wonderful to spend time on all the fabulous blogs! Now I can't wait to get stamping thanks to all the inspiration. Do you think my boss would mind if I leave work early to play?


Paula Platoff

Cyndi Watkins said...

I had a lot of fun on the trail today. Can't wait to get my new issue! JUST GESSO.


Cathy Yamashita said...

Hi, Pat. I didn't know if I was allowed to enter, so if not, throw me out! But I found Just Gesso. And the cards along the way were great!!!

Cathy Yamashita
stampin 4 fun at ameritech dot net

Donna Berkhof said...

Hi Pat!
I'll have to "just guess" and say the treasure is JUST GESSO
Fun! Donna B

Donna Berkhof said...

Hi Pat!
I guess I'll "just guess" that the treasure is JUST GESSO. Fun tour!
Donna B

cindy trobaugh said...

Just Gesso--an appropriate technique or beginning of a technique. Cindy Trobaugh

Susan Hackney said...

I found the clue, JUST GESSO.

Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration, all the cards were great!

susan.hackney at gmail dot com

Montana Mama said...

Sorry, Pat...I can't see that my comment has been received, so here's just one more try. As I said, I have to just guess that the treasure to be found is JUST GESSO. Can I guess that's because of the GESSO OFF technique that one designer used? Fun tour!
Donna B

Montana Mama said...

Please, please let this one go through -- I'm just guessing the treasure is JUST GESSO in keeping with the new GESSO OFF technique, I bet! Donna B

Deb B. said...

Wow, those cards are amazing and I can't wait to see the techniques. I'll leave my comment here then go back and leave comments, then off to sign in and see the techies!! I sure hope I win, this is a a super duper grand prize!! Thanks for all you and the design team do Pat.
Deb B.
stampindebs at aol dot com

Oh.... Just Gesso is the tech the treasures spell.

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Oh how cool!!!! I'm the first one to leave a comment?!!! In my travels of all the fabulous blogs and techniques I found just gesso! Oh I hope I win!!! :D Marva
purplepaint45 at yahoo dot com

Jean said...

What a fun treasure hunt! What I found was "Just Gesso!" Thanks for a chance to win such a great prize! I love my newsletter and cannot wait to receive them each time! Jean Hawkins

Anonymous said...

JUST GESSO. This was very fun! As much as I recognize these ladies names, I haven't been to each one's blog and really enjoyed finding new artwork on each site. MOST importantly, I am drooling over the new newsletter techs to come...heading to see if it is live now! Thanks ladies!
Sue Mallender at billsuemal at comcast dot net

Marilyn Schmalz said...

The treasure hunt words are

Just Gesso

Marilyn Schmalz

Joyce Spear said...


I can't wait to see -- and try -- this technique! You know I'll be camping out at my mailbox waiting for the newsletter after seeing all the sneak peeks.

I would be !!ECSTATIC!! if I won the lifetime membership! Got my toes crossed 'cuz I need my fingers for stamping.

Joyce Spear
stamperjoyce at aol dot com

Teri C said...

just gesso

Thanks for all the fun and the look at all the great cards and tecniques!

Miss Beth said...

I hope to heaven I am in the right place....I have never been the first.....well, I followed the trail and the letters i collected are JUST GESSO....what fun and I am anxiously awaiting my new issue! Great artwork Ladies! I would love to win this!!!

Madge H. said...

What a great opportunity to win something that all of us "junkies" need......... Hope you have a great time at CHA -

Treasure Hunt revealed
JUST GESSO -- hope I'm right!

Anonymous said...

I found the message JUST GESSO.

Thanks for having the Treasure Hunt, it was fun! An there was a lot to read on each persons blog.

Thanks again.

Gennie Benford

Anonymous said...


That's what I came up with.

Thanks Pat for the fun Treasure Hunt.

Elaine Trotter

Juliet A said...

I get it - if none of the comments are posted until after you return, nobody can cheat by seeing what the others already found.

Okay, the answer:

Just Gesso

Hope you enjoyed CHA!

Anonymous said...

I have followed the blogs and I have found just gesso. Love using gesso but I know there are a zillion other uses for it than I am aware of. That starch smooch technique is great.
thanks for the opportunity to win a lifetime of Technique Junkies -- so much valuable info there.

jsreader said...

This was sooo much fun. Along the journey I collected JUST GESSO

jsreader said...

I dont know if this worked or not sooo here it is again.
I found JUST GESSO along the trail. Great Blog Hop

Rianne said...

I think i'm first. How funny.
I found Just Gesso.
And o boy do i like that stuff.
Thanks for the hunt i had lots of fun.

Niki said...

Can't believe I'm the first! I found treasure in "just gesso"

Thanks for the opportunity to win such great prizes.

nrw745 at yahoo dot com

stampin at the lake said...

Just Gesso I'm looking forward to my 2nd TJ newsletter. They are so full of wonderful ideas, many so simple yet so outstanding. Thanks so much for all of your inspiration. Lynne

Jackie Cunningham said...

Hi Pat! What GREAT Art Work shared along the treasure hunt trail!
The treasure I found is "JUST GESSO"
Thanks for the fun :o)
Jackie Cunningham

honor said...

This was so much fun. I can hardly wait to get my next set of projects. They all look sooo good. I am ready to "JUST GESSO"

Anonymous said...

HI Pat,

It was really fun to go on the treasure hunt today and my collected treasure is JUST GESSO.

Looking forward to the next treasure hunt and hope had a blast at CHA.

Mary Anne Evan

Nancy said...

Hi Pat, Hope you're having fun at your Copic event. I found the letters JUSTGESSO. I would absolutely LOVE to be a Junkie for life... (pick me, pick me).

Nancy @

Anonymous said...

Am I the first one? the letters I found on the hunt spell out JUST GESSO. What a great prize for someone to win.
Karen Kovisto

Beth Norman said...

Beautiful, beautiful. I love your bg. Great card!

Beverly Kissler said...

What I found in hints were JUST GESSO. Also what I found were cards that are unique, not your everyday cards. Your techniques shown in this blog tour are just awesome. And I hope I am fortunate enough to win your prize so I can be a JUNKIE FOR LIFE...thanks for this opportunity.

Anonymous said...

I can't be the first person to do this! Just Gesso is the secret treasure!
Jill Irwin

Anonymous said...

Just Gesso!
Am I the first one to enter? What a clever idea to have us roam through the designers' blogs - a rare treat for me.
Please enter me for the drawing prize of the "junkie for life". Thanks, and happy conventioning!
lynne dot malinowski at gmail dot com

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Pat, I love your card, and that technique is gorgeous, too. I am a subscriber, and really need to go back and try more of the techniques out. They are so creative, and I appreciate what all the designers do to come up with them. Thanks so much for a wonderful blog tour. My found treasure is JUST GESSO.

ceashark at aol dot com

Shirley said...

Just Gesso!!! This is such a great prize. Thank you for the opportunity to win.


Farmgirl said...

Hi Pat!

I took the blog hop and came up with Just Gesso. I've never done a blog hop before and I visited some very talented ladies blogs. Thanks for the inspiration.

Pauline Happel

Anonymous said...

how fun, the Treasure Hunt, it was my 1st. Ok Just Gesso... so many thing you are able to do with Gesso! thanks!

Robbie Melville said...

Was that ever a lot of fun Pat. I really enjoyed visiting all the sites.

Letters I collected

Carole said...

What a fun blog hop/treasure hunt!
I think I collected all my clues and found "Just Gesso" when I reached the end of my 'trail.'
Can't wait for the newsletter - thanks Pat!
Carole S.
countryshoe at verizon dot net

Barbara "Bo" Trommer said...

I loved the treasure hunt. I got Just Gesso as my treasure. Thanks for the all the beautiful artwork ladies! bopeep12345 at aol dot com

Barbara "Bo" Trommer said...

I loved the blogs! My treasure was Just Gesso. Loved all the beautiful artwork ladies! Thanks bopeep12345 at aol dot com

Unknown said...

When I first started to leave this comment - the clue on Kathie's page wasnt' there. I went back and it was the letter I thought it was as the clue is "Just Gesso". I'm looking forward to the next newsletter.
Diana Enns

ktstamps said...

WOW! I am first and I hope I got the letters to be a lifer! "just gesso" is what I came up with! This was fun and there was great technique used on cards. Thank you for doing this. kt

itzamitzi said...

Well, it says there are "no comments", but I'll bet that is so we can't read them this time. I LOVED this treasure hunt! All the artwork was wonderful... a couple blogs I'd never visited before... and a genuine teaser for the next newsletter. So even though I probably won't win the treasure hunt I have 'won' a lot of ideas out of this hunt.

Oh, the saying I collected was, "JUST GESSO" !

farnorthstamper said...

I really enjoyed going through the hunt. I came up with Just Gesso as the code. And you know, I bought some of that, and haven't tried it. Guess I really should get busy, huh!
Thanks so much,
Bonnie Sherwood
stampin-ak at gci dot net

Leslie Banks said...

JUST GESSO is the treasure I believe!

Leslie Banks

Auntie said...

I Think I Did It.

Here Is Mine

JUST pinkrose174GESSO

wendy said...

I got the letters:
just gesso
Love your newsletter, it is always the best gift to give stamping friends.
Hope to win.

Margaret Kane Ward said...

I wondered how you were going to keep us from seeing the "right" answer!!! Moderation is a good thing in many aspects of life, no?? ;)

So I"m just guessing that I collected JUST GESSO?

I love your blog and will probably have to break down and start a subscription if I'm NOT the lucky lifetime winner.

Thanks for all you do to promote stamping/papercrafts.


Carol Westover said...

Such great fun! Such truly great art! Thanks for the treasure hunt. I picked up my letters and my guess is "Just Gesso!" I'd love to learn how to use this material.

I received my replacement copy today. Thanks!

Carol Westover

Anonymous said...

Wow...what a great prize. I got
Hope that's right! Hope you are having fun at the CHA!

Deb Hosack said...

Hello! This was fun to do. I actually had never been to all of the blogs so I had a nice time seeing all of your team's blogs. I came up with the letters:

Just Gesso

Hope that is correct! I would LOVE a chance to win a life time subscription (I already have the CDs up to this year, lol). I do not have a blog but you can reach me at if by chance I win. Thanks!

Steph50 said...

I am taking all these letter spell a how about just gesso

Unknown said...

OMG! All the projects I seen are just terrific! Got me on pins and needles for the new issue. Anyway, I came up with Just Gesso!!

kc_froglady said...

let me see - I think I shall JUST GESSO the answer LOL!

Fun treasure hunt and great seeing sneak peaks fo the cards. Looks like some awesome techniques and I can't wait till my newsletter gets here!

PamInNC said...

"Just gesso" - what fun and what a wonderful medium to work with.

The sneak peaks on the trail were wonderful - can't wait to get my newsletter!


Denise L. said...

I followed the clues and it came up with one of my favorite elements for mixed media art! How fun! the clues led me to "just gesso"! Hope that is correct and thanks for the opportunity to look at all the fun things your design team has on their blogs.

Anonymous said...

I just took the "Treasure Hunt" and it was fun. Liked the preview of what we can look forward to. I found the following letters.


Estelle Howe

stampqueen said...

The treasure I found was "JUST GESSO" - hope I did it correct, surely I am not the first to comment!!!!
Thanks for all the sneak peaks!!!!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to get my newsletter and play. Loved the samples. The clue for the treasure hunt is:
Kathy Harrison

Sara Ament ( said...

Well Pat, I am new to "The Technique Junkie"...Jane has been talking about it all the time and she told me about the treasure I am here checking things out! Wow is all I can say!! The inspiration that I have found along the way today was just wonderful. As for the hints left on each blog...this is what I came up with....JUSTGESSO. I look forward to checking to technique junkies further! Thanks, Sara

Rockin Robin Caldwell said...

OMG...I am really the 1st to respond? YOu gotta be kidding me? Here goes: 1st of all this was fun and has really made me very, very excited for the new TJ newsletter. Alas, I will be in FL with my Mom and Dad for 6 days starting on 08/01, but I did deviate my Mom into the stamping world...she's a junkie too. Hhhmmm...we might just have to go "art supply shopping" so that we can play!!!

Here's what I collected: JUST GESSO

Thanks for the fun adventure. Will go back and leave comments when dinner is done. There are some great projects and several have me very, very intrigued. I didn't know you could be so mysterious my "crafty" friend. Hope I win...a lifetime of TJ for free? Sounds like Heaven to me!!! Hisses, Rockin Robin Caldwell

Sheila Bennett said...

What a fun treasure hunt - the letters I found are JUSTGESSO :)

Robin said...

Just Gesso! What a fun treasure hunt!

C. Sage Deerborn said...

Just Gesso
TJer C Deerborn, sometimes called Karen lol.

Jacquie S said...

Hi Pat -

Just Gesso.

What a great treasure hunt. I love the newsletter. You do a superb job.

Jacquie Surgenor

JP Card Crazy said...

I collected JUSTGESSO which spells
Just Gesso.

Judy Parlin

Lori said...

Well, I seem to be the only one posting! I hope I didn't miss something here! I found "Just Gesso" on the Treasure Hunt blogs! This was so much fun and I really enjoyed seeing the great art from these techniques! Can't wait to get my hands on the Newsletter! Thanks for the Hunt!

Hugs Lori Reinholz

Brandy said...

Just Gesso is what I found, I'm not sure why but that's it. I'd LOVE to be a TJ for life, what an awesome prize!
Thanks Pat!

brandyc at tampabay dot rr dot com

Laurie Black said...


Laurie Black

Anonymous said...


The letters spelled
JUST GESSO. This was fun!
Hope to see you in Orlando :)

Faith Epp

Lyn S said...

I enjoyed the treasure hunt and the sneak peaks at the new TJ techniques Pat!

The words I scavenged in the hunt is JUST GESSO.

Lyn Smith
email contact link is on my blog.

Amy Macak said...

Hi Pat,
Thanks for the great treasure hunt
I love these type of games and absolutely loved the cards made and can't wait to get the newsletter later this week
the treasure is JUST GESSO

Treena said...

Great treasure hut Pat! Thanks for the... "JUST GESSO"...

Hope you are having a wonderful day!


Terri said...

Just Gesso. Thanks for the chance to win this.

Pat Bowman said...

"J U S T G E S S O"

Loved the blog hop and all of the beautiful samples Pat. I look forward to this in the future - and can't wait to receive my August newsletter! Would love to win TJ for life also!

Brenda C Preuss said...

Pat, What a wonderful trip that was! The sample techniques are great, and I would think everyone that sees them will want to subscribe to your fabulous magazine. Thanks for the opportunity to win a fantastic prize! And all for saying "Just Gesso".

Brenda P

Connie P/piotter at said...

"Just Gesso"
That was fun Pat.
Connie P

Donna Moore said...

Hi Pat,
hmm, I am hoping the reason all the comments are missing is 'cause you fixed it that way! I collected letters that say JUST GESSO, but I collected some great ideas as well and am going to the TJ site to see if all is showing. Hope you enjoyed your working "vacation".
donna moore
q horse at aol dot com

Kari said...

Lots of fun! Just gesso is the answer.


Debby said...

Gosh what a great prize I used to get the newsletter and then had to quit. :-(
What I found was the letters "J U S T G E S S 0" so I am thinking it would be Just Gesso!
Thanks for the chance to win and seeing all the lovely cards.
Angel hugs
Debby McGillivray
angels5.2005 at

Anonymous said...


Thanks Pat!

Vickie Kertz said...

The clue is Just Gesso.

Vickie Kertz

Carla S. said...

Fun treasure hunt, Pat! I came up with Just Gesso on my hunt! I thought this might be inspired by all the different techniques using Gesso in the new newsletter (which is fabulous, BTW)!

Mary Strauser said...

Pat thanks for the Treasure hunt I really enjoy seeing what all the designes did.
I came up with JUST GESSO
I would love to be a junkie for life. I have all the CD's just waiting for a new one.
Thanks for all you do for us junkies.
Mary Strauser

Jasmina said...

hi Pat, thanks for this give away.

At the end of the treasure hunt I got JUST GESSO.

Tracy in Michigan said...

Just Gesso! Loved the blog hop, very cool! Thanks Pat! Tracy in Michigan,

firewoman55 said...


Thanks! That was fun and the prize is great!

Janis Graham

PaperSunshine said...

I am confused, surely I am not the first to comment? Did I do this wrong?! I found just gesso - and appropriately named :)

Lori K.

Myra Shaw - said...

What fun! The clues I found spelled "Just Gesso". I absolutely love learning new techniques. Thank you so much for all the hard work and effort you go through to bring us such wonderful new things to try! Kudos!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fun blog hop Pat.
I found ' Just Gesso'.
Debbie P.

Anonymous said...

from Sue Stenzel

Way to go Pat! and design team members! What fun and I'm anxious to try the starch technique. You all sure know how to wet our appetites for new techniques.

Sue Stenzel

DarkHeart said...

I have collected my treasures and it spells.....just gesso. I love the techniques 'sneak peek' that I have seen....Fabulous!!!

Ceal said...

Just Gesso is what I cam up with and I can't wait to get my newsletter. these are some great techniques! Thanks Pat for all you do. I pray I win I would love all the issues!

Kimberly said...

Hi Pat,

JUST GESSO is the treasure hunt message.

Thanks for all your wonderful ideas! I love visiting your blog!


Sheryl Luttringer said...

Hi Pat,
Wow, all of the art work from everyone was just FAB! I especially love your turtle and the Starch Smoosh technique. Makes quite a beautiful background.

Anyway, the treasures I found spell Just Geesso. At least I think it does. I would love to win the newsletters! Crossing my fingers! Thanks so much! Sheryl
btw my email is

Angie Linton said...


Thanks Pat for such a fun Treasure Hunt. Looking forward to the next one!

alinton5 at comcast dot net

Victoria said...

This was a fun treasure hunt. Thanks!

Michelle Otto said...

Pat, treasure is "Just gesso". This was sooo much fun, I love the idea of the treasure hunt - blog hopping & seeing all the amazing artwork!! Thanks for hosting this great adventure!!

Art By Wanda said...

What fun and what fabulous samples everyone created!!!! The letters I collected are JUSTGESSO I love it... Just Gesso... fun, fun, fun!!!

Selene Kempton said...

Super cute Pat! I love this little turtle. he just made my most wanted list.

Unknown said...

How much fun! I collect "JUST GESSO". Thanks for letting up play!

Jackie Ortgies
jackieortgies at gmail dot com

Daria Carraro said...

Hi, Pat. I had to go to the message board to see what was going on since there weren't any responses here. I was afraid to leave mine.

I enjoyed seeing all the wonderful cards. This next issue is going to be terrific.

The clues I gathered spell out "Just Gesso."

Thanks for the fun.

Jackie Smith said...

Hi Pat,
I went to all the blogs and picked up the letters "JUST GESSO" on my treasure hunt. I can't wait for the newsletter coming out.
Thanks for the chance to win.


RuthieB said...


Woo hoo! Hope I win! Thanks for this awesome blog tour! It was great fun!

ncpelican said...

fun treasure hunt.
Just Gesso. judy

Donna said...

What fun! I love to blog hop and of course a prize at the end makes it special too. I've collected the treasure: JUST GESSO. Thanks for the inspiration and a chance to win. Your design team did a wonderful job! I look forward to the next blog hop.

cathy said...

Just gesso is what I got. Hope that's right!

Anonymous said...

My words I think i found is:
Journey use sanding technique glossy examples spotlightlng stazon off

Anonymous said...

Just gesso!


Jamie Valimont said...

I've collected the treasure "Just Gesso", and it was a very enjoyable hunt. It was even more exciting to discover the newsletter is live since I'm dying for details on some of the techniques that were previewed!

Jamie Valimont

Angelartistok said...

Hi Pat,

I found "JUST GESSO" on the treasure hunt.

Thanks for all you do!

Big Hugs,
Ruth C

Chrisd said...

Hi from Michigan,
Okay, I'll be the first... I think the answer is...Just Gesso!

The hop was fun with wonderful ideas shared. Thanks so much!

Martha said...

Pat going on this treasure hunt has made me feel like a winner just knowing I will be getting your TJNL. You know how sometimes in life you feel like the price is too high for what you get. I NEVER feel that way with your newsletter. Thank you!

Oh and "just gesso"!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyable journey, great works

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