Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My simple geek

Hi there!
I just thought I would display a little piece of art from the Simple Whitewash Technique in the August 2009 issue of the Technique Junkie Newsletter. I love this piece! I used one of the stamps from Artistic Outpost's "Geek is Chic" Set. If you are a TJ member, you can order this set using your exclusive discount, too: TJ_2009_15off

Geek is Chic!

Hey -- have you joined the Treasure Hunt? Check out Monday's post for details -- you could become a Junkie for Life!


StampinCathy said...

Love the card and what a neat technique. I went on this fun Treasure Hunt and my fingers are crossed to be able to win all the gold inside. Thanks

Kathryn Kelly said...

Love your beautiful cards and all the cool but basically easy techniques. The treasure is "Just Gesso".

Jane Wetzel said...

this is very cool..

plockh said...

I loved your treasure hunt...such a fun way to visit artistic blogs and artists. I am so INSPIRED!
The letters I found spell:
I am a senior on a fixed income so my art supplies are budgeted. I would so love to win your contest and find fun, new, creative ideas.
Thanks for this wonderful tour.

Vicki said...

I love this set of sets. Each card you have made with this set were realy "chic" and I would love to win this set.

Pat Bowman said...

Love the addition of the measuring tape. I assume to give the idea of a slide rule? This is one of my most favorite sets!

Maureen said...

love this card...I am going on an interview to be a college professor so if it works out...I think I will be buying that stamp and CASEing your card!!! lol wish me luck!