Thursday, June 25, 2009

Always Bargello

You know that Rice Krispies Treat commercial where the woman serves the Rice Krispies Treats to her family, but takes a moment to douse her cheeks with flour before leaving the kitchen to signify how hard she slaved to make them?

That is what this technique is like. Bargello. The sweetest little secret anywhere. It is sinfully easy, and can be made from scraps. And it is in the June 2009 Technique Junkie Newsletter. Let me let you in on a secret -- this is one of the easiest -- yet most impactful -- techniques of the issue. You HAVE to try it!

All stamps used are from the Always stamp set ©Stampin' Up.

So come on, Junkies! What are you waiting for? Let's see your BARGELLO!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weekly Giveaway - Clear Artistic Stamps!

Give me Liberty or Give me death!
I love the 4th of July -- it always fills me with pride to be part of this great nation. Not only that, but I am a sucker for fireworks and barbeque's! Burgers, Beer and Big Booms. Yes!

As we approach the American day of pride in our Independence, it is fitting that we give away stamps to commemorate the occasion! Today's giveaway sponsor is Clear Artistic Stamps.

I combined 3 of the stamps from the sheet of 12 that we are giving away with some Faux Iris Folding stars (June 2009 edition of the Technique Junkie Newsletter). I also used the Drywall Stitching Technique from the April issue of the Newsletter on the card. Here are the stamps for the giveaway:

Remember that there is a 15% discount offered to Technique Junkie Subscribers by Clear Artistic Stamps (just email your order to and tell her that you are a TJ member) Also this week Clear Artistic Stamps is having a pre-4th of July Sale and the Holiday Celebration is included at a great price. Just $7.49 for 12 stamps, making them only 63 cents each! How’s that for a Hot Summer Deal? In addition, the Midsummer Mist Paper Collection has wonderful colors for the July 4th Celebration.

When you leave your comment to win this sheet, let me know which of the holidays on the sheet is YOUR favorite and why (I love reading your comments, can you tell?) if you are so inclined.

Whether or not you leave me a holiday message, you can win these stamps and the card by leaving a comment on this post by Sunday, June 28th by midnight EST. Make sure that you leave enough information so that I can contact you to let you know you won. Just a reminder that Blogger does NOT leave me your email address. A great way to do this is to leave your email address in a spelled-out way, such as "p huntoon at optonline dot net." I will use my handy random number generator to pick the winning entry. You do NOT need to be a TJ subscriber to win. Good Luck!

Congratulations to Mary Strauser, the winner of these stamps!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Dolphin Pyramid!

Some cards take a long time to finish. This was one of those, and not for the reasons you think!

See, I am reorganizing some of my unmounted stamps (it is VERY slow going, since I am trying to fit it in with all the other aspects of my working day and busy home life). I came across this AWESOME image of the frolicking dolphins from Lasting Impressions with Panache and knew that I wanted to color it with Copic Markers.

As I was coloring, I realized that the dolphins would make a great Pyramid card (from teh June 2009 issue of the Technique Junkie Newsletter), so I made three more layers (okay, I cheated a little on the coloring, since I did NOT color the two bottom layers all the way. I only colored them a 1/2" further in than what you could see, but don't tell anyone!). I then carefully cut the dolphins out of the bottom layer (a timesaving cheat!) an made that my top layer.

Believe it or not, this was NOT the time thief! Here was my problem....This image is so full of movement that I just could not find a background to suit it. I spent a HUGE amount of time (time, I might say, that I could have been reorganizing those stamps, LOL) trying to mount this on a background.
I finally settled on a piece of Cuttlebug Highlights (technique from the October 2008 issue of the Technique Junkie Newsletter) because I thought it looked bubbly. It was too much, so I popped on a black panel to make the dolphins the focus. This card is really great in person!
I just had it in my head that the circular part would have made a great top to a jar or altered can or circular tin...I just don't have the time to make one!
Thanks for looking, and for, of course, reading this epic!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Um...Are those roses DEAD?

Yup. Those sure look like dead roses. They started out as sweet as the Yellow Rose of Texas. Call this an experiment gone horribly wrong...
This leads me to my favorite tip of all time: "Never be afraid to experiment. It is only PAPER!" As you can probably imagine, I could paper the walls of a castle in Scotland with my experiments turned bad. Instead, I turned this one into a card. Aren't you lucky that I'm sharing it with you?
So how could this happen, anyway? It all started out pretty innocent. I embossed the flower (embossing folder and stamps by Stampin' Up!) on banana cardstock and cut it out. I wanted to add dimension to the flower, so I outlined it in...brown water-based marker. Uh-oh. Not pretty! So let's spritz it with water and see if we can transfer the color to other parts of the working. Okay, let's just sponge on some brown ink. Finally, Success -- for creating dead roses, that is.
Now some of you are probably wondering WHY in the world I finished the card. Why not just toss the brown abomination and move on? Well...because many times I can transform disasters like this into something acceptable or even better. Not this time! Even with the Torn Frame (February 2009) layered sentiment, stamping in the background, and all the lovely paper piecing, it still looks like....dead roses. You know, the only thing wrong with this whole card is the color choice. The basic layout is fine. so let's try it again, shall we?

Ah. Much better. Pretty in pink. Same layout. This time I used the Vanilla Double Technique on the background from the
October 2005 TJ Newsletter, which is on CD4 (Did you know that This CD, which has over 75 techniques on it, is only $11.56 including shipping, for US subscribers?). The same Torn Frames sentiment. I added another layer of cardstock behind the roses, but that was about the only other change. Much better in pink, don't you think?
Ah still, nothing says "I love you" like dead roses.
So, what can I use the brown card for? Should I save it for someone who makes a really bad life choice? Anyone want it?
Thanks for reading today's tome!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

About the sweatshirt card..

In response to so many of you who asked, the sweatshirt stamp that I used HERE was from Toomuchfun Rubber Stamps. I picked it up at the Springfield MA stamp show. I just went to their website to pull that link for you -- they have a TON of different stamps like the one I used. It looks like they are changing their shopping cart, so buying from them might be a chore -- I think you might have to contact them directly. Sorry, they are not one of my vendors or advertisers, so I can't help with this... good luck, and I would love to see what you create if you are successful in buying them!

Yet another giraffe

When I posted the I Brake for Stamps giveaway on Thursday, many of you expressed surprise that I didn't use one of the two giraffe images on the Stampinback stamp sheet for the card. (You can still sign up for the giveaway HERE, if you have not yet).

I actually did! I was just afraid of being too predictable, so I decided to wait with the post until today. It was also such a simple card to put together -- a 10 minute card. I felt the giveaway deserved something stronger : )

This giraffe is colored lightly with Copic markers then layered over a piece of Faux Felt (February 2009 issue of the TJ Newsletter). Who doesn't love a laughing giraffe!

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rockin' Sweatshirt

I was at a stamp show a couple of weekends ago and picked up this really cool sweatshirt stamp. I thought it would be a neat stamp to have on hand for my two boys, since they are teens and live in sweats!

What I liked about this stamp was that it is a full card. You just stamp it, cut it out, and viola! I decided to stamp mine on a piece of Basic Grey Designer Paper.

I decided to add the words "You Rock" from the Stampin' Up! Just Jawing set. In addition, I stamped the skull from Stampendous on the back and added some detailing with my Copic Markers.

Although this one turned out rather boring, I am looking forward to playing with these more -- the possibilities of what I can make intrigue me!

Friday, June 19, 2009

No More Slump for this Chump!

Some days you just have a creative slump. That happened to me while I was creating this card. Although it started painfully, I am pleased with the final result! I just kept plugging away until I had what I pictured in my mind's eye as "done."

This Father's Day card is my submission for this week's Blogger's Challenge, which was to make a masculine card. Since I haven't made my Father's Day cards for my Dad or Father-in-Law, I took the opportunity and ran with it.

I don't know about you, but when I am reelin about in that creative void, I need a "jumping off" point. I knew that I wanted to use these Close To My Heart Father's Day stamps. I had gotten them LAST June and never used them (I bet that never happens to any of YOU). Still without a plan, I decided to fish around in my stash of pre-made backgrounds. In went my hand...and out came this very cool piece of orange, gold and green background made using the Metallic Alcohol Roll Technique (from the October 2007 issue of the TJ Newsletter).

So I built my card from that point, by stamping, coloring and cutting out the main image and stamping the car again, and layering that and the greeting over the main image. Then I created a mini-collage with the watch parts and stamped watches over the Metallic Alcohol Roll piece. that whole mess is layered on top of a Double Bugged piece (June 2009 issue of the TJ Newsletter). I am actually satisfied with this one!

What is that? You just recently subscribed and don't have access to the older techniques? You want to know how Metallic Alcohol Roll is done? Well, listen closely, because I have a deal for you! If you are a subscriber, all of the 6 current CDs are only $10.00 plus shipping each until June 30th. Yup. This technique can be found on the 6th Edition CD. Want to see a listing of what is on each CD? Click HERE. So yes, for only $11.56* you can learn the Metallic Roll Technique -- plus 75 other techniques. Not a bad deal! and that is just ONE CD! (*Canadian and overseas, shipping is slightly higher).

Not a subscriber? You can be an online-only subscriber for only $9.99. Not a bad deal, right? Email me for details.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weekly Giveaway: I Brake for Stamps

Let's get wild, shall we? Today's Giveaway is from one of our featured Vendors, I Brake for Stamps. The stamp sheet we are giving away is from the Stampinback Line. It features all kinds of cool and unique animals, including the Frog used on the top panel along with XRay of the frog used in the background of my Depth of Field Card (Technique from the June 2009 issue of the TJ Newsletter), above. The frog is pretty cool looking, too -- he was colored with Copic Markers and has been finished with Diamond Glaze -- so he looks like he just jumped out of the pond!

Here is the whole stamp sheet:

The Stamp sheet above is a whopping 8-1/2' x 11" sheet, chock full of fun images for one lucky winner. I Brake for Stamps has just added a bunch of new images on their site today, too! New images include darling kids called "Little Rascals" from a new artist, a new sports sheet, a new southwest and horses sheet, and some frogs. And don't forget, Technique Junkies -- you get an extra 10% off your order by using the code TJ10.
Now here is the thing...I keep looking at my card and wishing that I had a stamp that said "What a fine specimen you are!" When you leave your comment to win this sheet, let me know what funky phrase you would put inside this card (okay, you don't have to...but wouldn't it be more fun if you did?).

Whether or not you leave me a cheeky phrase, you can win these stamps and the card by leaving a comment on this post by Sunday, June 22th by midnight EST. Make sure that you leave enough information so that I can contact you to let you know you won. Just a reminder that Blogger does NOT leave me your email address. A great way to do this is to leave your email address in a spelled-out way, such as "p huntoon at optonline dot net." I will use my handy random number generator to pick the winning entry. You do NOT need to be a TJ subscriber to win. Good Luck!

Congratulations to Jeri Dentel -- the winner of this giveaway!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And the winners are....(drumroll, please!)

Announcing...the winners of the Technique Junkies/Starving Artistamps Van Gogh Contest!

Congratulations to Tera Fujan and Deb Corder, who were the lucky winners of the Starving Artistamps and Technique Junkie Newsletter Van Gogh contest. BOTH ladies will receive one year of the Newsletter PLUS the super-sized stamp sheet from Starving Artistamps. Congratulations!

Here is a peek at all of the submissions. Scroll over the slideshow to see the artist names:

Thank you to everyone who entered, and to Tracey for co-sponsoring the contest!

Friday, June 12, 2009

One Martini, Two Martini, Three Martini, Floor

I have had one long week. Seriously. Really long. Lots of hours. It was a great week, mind you, but long nonetheless. So it is Friday. And my DH makes one-heck-of-a-martini. So tonight, I am going to leave one of these two cards next to his spot on the couch. Think he'll get the idea?

This first card was actually made from the Blogger's Challenge sketch 103 (from the sketch on the right). I used the Altered Designer Paper Technique (April 2009 issue of the TJ Newsletter) for the background paper because the original paper was too bold (actually, I altered the altered designer paper technique -- does that make it an altered altered designer paper technique? or altered squared? but I digress...). I didn't put a stripe up the center of the left panel, either, since I used striped paper. The stamps here are from Stampin' Up! and were colored with Copic markers. And you can't really tell by my picture, but I have the numbers in cuttlebug texture on the left side of the card. Get it? One Martini, Two Martini....
This second card uses the Van Gogh Technique from the June 2009 issue of the Technique Junkie Newsletter. The martini stamp from Rubber Romance was also colored with Copics before I "Van-Goghed" it. (The "Cheers to you" stamp is from Stampin' Up!). Do you think that if Mr. Van Gogh had tried a martini to chill out that he might not have lopped off that ear?
In any case, make sure to enter your try at the Van Gogh contest -- you only have until the 15th to enter!. Either post your entry to the Technique Junkie List or by directing me to your artwork by leaving me a comment on this BLOG POST (<---click that link). You can double your chances by leaving Tracey at Starving Artistamps a comment on her BLOG POST (<---click that link) telling her that you entered via the TJ e-group, or directing her to an online resource. Enter in both places for your chance at the free one year of the newsletter and the stamps -- two winners will win both!
And make sure that you take a minute to visit the other Blogger's Challenge Players -- they are fabulous!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Riddle: When dies a giraffe become a zebra?

Answer: When one finds out that they don't actually HAVE a giraffe background, but one has a Zebra background! and the Zebra turned out WAY cooler than the giraffe would have!

You see, I love giraffes. Just love them. I pulled my African stamps from I Brake For Stamps out of my stash to use one of the very cool giraffe stamps to make a Scrappy Spots card (Technique Junkie Newsletter technique from the current June 2009 Issue) for another giraffe lover I know (and you know who you are, and I know you read my blog every day, too!). I then went searching for the giraffe background stamp that I *knew* I had. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I do not own a giraffe background stamp! What? Could this be true?

So in it's place, I made this Scrappy Spots card using the Zebra stamps the African plate from I Brake for Stamps. The Zebra background is from Stamp Camp, and I love how I used a black spot with the white embossed inside -- it turned out very zebra-esque, don't you think? The word Escape" is from Close To My Heart. And the ribbon was in the Dollar bin at Michaels.

Enjoy my "giraffe":

Does anyone know where I can find a large giraffe-print background? Oh and don't forget that TJ members get 10% off IB4S using the code TJ10.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weekly Giveaway: My Paper Moon!

I am thrilled to have a new giveaway sponsor this week -- My Paper Moon! Becky Partan, the owner of My Paper Moon, generously supplied this sweet unmounted stamp set for us this week. Not only that, but she is offering a 10% discount through the end of June for TJ subscribers -- just enter the code TJ10 at checkout.I colored my little guy with Copics, then layered him on a bed of Oval Nestabilities. {I LOVE that there is a variety of sayings that fit right into that heart -- so wonderful!} I popped that up on a Double Bugged Background from the June 2009 Technique Junkie Newsletter. The red ribbon adds a perfect feminine touch, doesn't it?

Anyone can win these stamps; you do not need to be a TJ member to enter giveaways.Let me know what YOU have in mind for this little guy, when you leave your entry comment.

You can win these stamps and the card by leaving a comment on this post by Saturday, June 13th by noon EST. Make sure that you leave me enough information so that I can contact you to let you know you won. Just a reminder that Blogger does NOT leave me your email address. A great way to do this is to leave your email address in a spelled-out way, such as "p huntoon at optonline dot net." I will use my handy random number generator to pick the winning entry. Good Luck!

Congratulations to Cindi Hoppes, the winner of this giveaway!

Monday, June 8, 2009

A little babble, a little art, a little happiness...

Okay, since this is a very long post, I decided to put the art at the top, so if you really don't card about what I have to say, you can just look at the artwork! No hurt feelings, I am really not sure that anyone has the time these days to read a post this long : )

The card above was made with some new stamps I picked up over the weekend.Since I am in a phase right now where I can't decide if a fireball has hit the earth or if it is just me, I thought this was pretty appropriate. My "hot lady" was colored with Copics, cut out, and popped over a Splatter background that was decorated with the Heavenly Holes Technique. Both techniques are from the June 2009 issue of the Technique Junkie Newsletter.

Here's where things get long!

On Saturday I spent the day at the Heirloom rubber stamp convention in West Springfield MA. I had so much fun on Saturday...I came home inspired and invigorated, truly more than I ever have from any stamp show ever. I took tons of pictures and have alot of new ideas to share over the next few months. It was a good thing! I talked so much on the way home that I swear my friends Valerie and Jinny were ready to stuff a stamp into my mouth.

I was able to connect with so many people -- some of our great giveaway sponsors, some new giveaway sponsors, some advertisers, one of my design team members, and, of course, and most importantly, some Technique Junkie subscribers and patstamps followers. It really was a great day!
I was happy to see Judy Jackson, from the TJ design team, demoing at Gary Burlin's booth. Judy was demoing "Smoosh" -- I just love this stuff and you can bet your bottom dollar that Judy will be filming a tutorial or two for us! I was able to snap a few good shots off when she wasn't looking, too. I intended to go back to the booth and talk with her & talk our picture together, but they literally shoved us out the door at the end of the day -- I really should have gone back on Sunday, but family obligations prevented me from doing that. Next year, I am going to teach classes on Friday, and work on Saturday and Sunday at the that I am there all weekend talking to my heart's content.

I cannot tell you the number of times people ask me "how do you keep coming up with new things?" (and honestly, I was asked it at least 20 times at the show!) I thought I might share some of the ways that I find techniques for the Technique Junkies:
First, you have to realize that I have filmed over 520 Techniques. Yes, Five Hundred and Twenty DIFFERENT Techniques. Just writing that amazes even me! I guess I never added them up before, but that is alot! So here is where I get my inspiration:
  1. I stamp alot. I play alot. I stumble on interesting ways of doing things. ALOT.

  2. Not everything is "brand-new". Stampers have been around for a long time...and there have been art techniques for a long time. I use old and new techniques. I spin off old techniques.

  3. My design team develops and films new techniques all the time. Thirteen brains are better than one!

  4. You, my readers, send me techniques constantly. Usually the best ones, too. And I try to be generous in compensation -- with at least a free year subscription and sometimes other things, too.

  5. I am a big scrapbooker. I use scrapbooking techniques and modify them for stamping.

  6. Things around me inspire me. I was in the hardware store with DH last month and was hit with a sharp pang of inspiration. After he watered me, my DH deposited me in my stamp room so that I could ease the pang by turning it into a technique!

  7. I subscribe to blogs. If someone posts something cool, I ask their permission to use their technique and I compensate them. I would never knowingly take someones technique, re-film it, and NOT credit them. I think that is unethical! Although this is not a big source of stuff for me -- if I have seen it, you probably have, too!

  8. I cruise art galleries of mixed media artists on the Internet for inspiration. Non-stamping, mixed media artists have some great ideas that I can modify -- or sometimes just ideas that set my mind going.

  9. Finally, I go to stamp conventions, watch the demos, look at as many samples as I can, find new products, see what they are doing with old products -- I always come away inspired. Really, I can look at a sample and my mind starts to turn the background into a technique. It is a fun challenge for me!

Well, thanks for reading this if you made it all the way down : ) I hope that you find some inspiration today, too!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Summertime, Sunflowers and FREE Copic Certification! Oh My!

Have you ever thought about getting Copic Certified? Here is your chance!!

We teaming up with Copic to giveaway one seat at the Copic Certification Class on Sunday, June 14th, hosted by Stamping Memories in Belmont, NH. Yes, that says "Give Away". As in FREE. The class -- the "LAST CHANCE New England Class" is an all-day event that will teach you the ins-and outs of working with these fabulous color tools. In order to enter the giveaway, email Sally Lynn MacDonald, instructor extraordinaire (click on her name to open an email). Let her know that you would like to enter this drawing from my blog.This class has a $120.00 value!!! *Note that this giveaway is for the class only -- transportation and lodging are not included*

I LOVE my Copics! Taking this class and becoming certified was a HUGE confidence booster -- plus I learned more than I could have imagined about Copics, what they can do and how to work with them effectively. Whether or not you win the giveaway, YOU should become certified, too!

Did I mention that this is a $120.00 value? Email Sally Lynn today!! One lucky winner will be drawn on Wednesday, June 10th. NOTE: Unlike other giveaways I conduct, comments left on MY blog will not be valid entries into the Copic drawing -- you MUST email Sally Lynn. Of course, you are welcome to leave a comment, just know that it does not qualify you for entry.

Now for a little eye candy:Since today happens to be Friday -- Blogger's Challenge day -- and today's BC is to post a summer-themed item, I thought this pretty sunflower from Two Nancy's Art Stamps would do just right! My sunflower, which uses the Out of the Box technique (October 2004 TJNL) was colored with Copics, of course. I layered my sunflower on a Double Bugged Background (technique from the June 2009 issue of the Technique Junkie Newsletter). I love that you can Double Bug bold, or Double Bug subtle. I think the subtly works here, don't you?

In any case, make sure to email Sally Lynn MacDonald to enter the giveaway for the free Copic Certification above. Good Luck!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The BIG CD Sale!

Announcing…the CD sale to flip a disk over!

From now until June 30th, any of the published
Technique Junkie Newsletter CDs are on sale for only $10.00 per CD, plus shipping for Technique Junkie Newsletter subscribers. Not a subscriber? I will offer you the sale price with your NEW subscription, too!

That’s right. $10.00 plus shipping. To anywhere in the world. Choose one or choose them all – CDs 1 through 6 are all there for you! You can buy one for $10.00*. Two for $20.00… reach for the stars and get all 6 for $60.00*! *Email me for an invoice: Let me know what you would like, and I will send you an invoice or price quote that includes actual shipping to your location.

What is a TJ CD, you ask? Well, only the best way to get your junkie fix since Mr. Goodyear created rubber! Each CD has a year’s worth of tutorials on it, plus has a bonus of 10 extra bonus tutorials available only on that CD. The tutorials are in step-by-step, pictorial format, and were created to print perfectly on an 8-1/2” x 11” piece of paper. AND all the artwork from the design team is there, too! No more fumbling for passwords…no need for an internet connection. Just print and run!

Want to see an example of how the tutorials are formatted?
Click HERE

Here is what is on each CD:
CD1: Techniques from the 10-02 to 8-03 issues plus 10 bonus techniques
CD2: Techniques from the 10-03 to 8-04 issues plus 10 bonus techniques
CD3: Techniques from the 10-04 to 8-05 issues plus 10 bonus techniques
CD4: Techniques from the 10-05 to 8-06 issues plus 10 bonus techniques
CD5: Techniques from the 10-06 to 8-07 issues plus 10 bonus techniques
CD6: Techniques from the 10-07 to 8-08 issues plus 10 bonus techniques

New to Technique Junkies? This is the best way to catch up on the back issues – because if you buy it all, I will send the universal password, too!

Not sure what to get?
Email me with questions and I will give you a hand with your order and quote you the price with shipping.

Don’t delay, though – this deal will not be repeated!

Pat Huntoon
PO Box 16547
Stamford CT 06905

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weekly Giveaway: ISC Pyramid Trees

What is summer like where you live? In Connecticut, where I live, it is plush with dynamic shades of green and rich colors. Just being outdoors, with the plentiful trees dripping with rich emerald leaves, is enough to bring joy to my heart. Today's giveaway is called "Maple Tree Paintings" from Innovative Stamp Creations. I chose to highlight the large stamp on this unmounted rubber sheet by making a Pyramid Technique Card (June 2009 Technique Junkie Newsletter) using the largest tree stamp on the sheet. You may not be able to see the popped layers on the top card, but hopefully you can see it on the left. Although I made my card in shades of green, can you imagine how amazing this stamp is with fall colors?
Innovative Stamp Creations is one of our featured vendors this issue, too -- here is the discount code for Technique Junkies, in case you would like to go shopping and order your own:
One lucky winner will receive the card above and the gorgeous tree set. To enter the To enter the giveaway for the stamps and card above, enter a comment on this post. Tell me what YOU will do with this set if you are the lucky winner! I will accept entries until Monday, June 8th at 9am. Make sure to leave me your first initial and last name or some variation of your email address so that I may contact you. Good Luck!
Congratulations to April Puzzuoli -- the winner of the stamps and card!

Converting farmers to junkies...

My mission, as a faithful stamper and true Technique Junkie, is to convert the world to Stamping and Technique Lovin'.

My friend Dee Ruger had been patiently waiting for her newsletter (is waiting patiently for the newletter an oxymoron?) yesterday, and happened to go outside. This is what she saw:

She saw farmer Cal, fresh in from a day at work, relaxing with HER issue of the newsletter. I really have to send him his own copy!

One more step toward the true TJ mission: Converting one farmer at a time.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Announcing: The Van Gogh Contest!!

I am very excited to announce a new contest in partnership with Starving Artistamps!
As announced in the June 2009 issue of the Technique Junkie Newsletter, we are partnering with Starving Artistamps for a contest and giveaway this month -- times two! You will have TWO chances to enter the contest -- one on this blog, and one with Tracey at Starving Artistamps.

What will you win, you ask? Not one, but TWO lucky winners will EACH receive the Ultra-Deluxe stamp sheet below from Starving Artistamps, plus a FREE year of the TJ Newsletter! The stamp set below is an exclusive from the Doodle Factory Collection at Starving Artistamps. It includes ALL the stamps from the DoodleFactory Oh Baby Collection, The DoodleFactory Baby Sentiments Collection, the DoodleFactory Super Parents Collection and the DoodleFactory Neighborhood! There are a whopping 35 stamps on this special collection stamp sheet (click on the image below to see it in more detail):
The card at the top of this blog uses the Van Gogh technique with these DoodleFactory stamps to create this Super Daddy Card. All of the DoodleFactory stamps are great Irene Silva's fun and easy technique!
Here is how you enter this contest:
Create a Van Gogh card using the Van Gogh Technique from the June 2009 issue of the Technique Junkie Newsletter. Subscribers will find the directions HERE by clicking on the June issue with their password or in the paper newsletter issue. You can use any stamps, from any stamp company, to create your Van Gogh card. Do make sure to check out the Van Gogh Subscriber-Only Artwork Pages, though -- you will find plenty of inspiration from the Starving Artistamp and Technique Junkie Design Team Members.
To enter your card in the contest with me, simply post it to the TJ egroup stating that it is a contest entry, post it on a public bulletin board, or post it to your blog. Then write a comment on THIS post with the URL showing us where the card is. Please make sure to put the words: "Van Gogh contest" in the title of the post so that we can find it easily. If you have posted to the TJ group, just state the date of your post so that I can match it up with your blog comment. If you posted it to your blog, simply leave the blog address in your comment with your name.
After you do that, enter the contest on the Starving Artistamps blog in the same manner, by posting a comment with the URL to the SA blog contest announcement post. You have now successfully entered the contest twice, and you have two chances to win!
You may enter up to two separate cards on both blogs, but each must use different stamps. All cards must use the Van Gogh Technique.
The contest winners will be drawn June 15th. Winners will be notified via blog posts. This contest is not open to Technique Junkie or Starving Artistamps Design Team members. All of the posts will be placed on a public page on Technique Junkie Website at the end of the contest so that everyone can see our collection of work.
Let's see your Van Gogh creations!