Monday, June 1, 2009

Announcing: The Van Gogh Contest!!

I am very excited to announce a new contest in partnership with Starving Artistamps!
As announced in the June 2009 issue of the Technique Junkie Newsletter, we are partnering with Starving Artistamps for a contest and giveaway this month -- times two! You will have TWO chances to enter the contest -- one on this blog, and one with Tracey at Starving Artistamps.

What will you win, you ask? Not one, but TWO lucky winners will EACH receive the Ultra-Deluxe stamp sheet below from Starving Artistamps, plus a FREE year of the TJ Newsletter! The stamp set below is an exclusive from the Doodle Factory Collection at Starving Artistamps. It includes ALL the stamps from the DoodleFactory Oh Baby Collection, The DoodleFactory Baby Sentiments Collection, the DoodleFactory Super Parents Collection and the DoodleFactory Neighborhood! There are a whopping 35 stamps on this special collection stamp sheet (click on the image below to see it in more detail):
The card at the top of this blog uses the Van Gogh technique with these DoodleFactory stamps to create this Super Daddy Card. All of the DoodleFactory stamps are great Irene Silva's fun and easy technique!
Here is how you enter this contest:
Create a Van Gogh card using the Van Gogh Technique from the June 2009 issue of the Technique Junkie Newsletter. Subscribers will find the directions HERE by clicking on the June issue with their password or in the paper newsletter issue. You can use any stamps, from any stamp company, to create your Van Gogh card. Do make sure to check out the Van Gogh Subscriber-Only Artwork Pages, though -- you will find plenty of inspiration from the Starving Artistamp and Technique Junkie Design Team Members.
To enter your card in the contest with me, simply post it to the TJ egroup stating that it is a contest entry, post it on a public bulletin board, or post it to your blog. Then write a comment on THIS post with the URL showing us where the card is. Please make sure to put the words: "Van Gogh contest" in the title of the post so that we can find it easily. If you have posted to the TJ group, just state the date of your post so that I can match it up with your blog comment. If you posted it to your blog, simply leave the blog address in your comment with your name.
After you do that, enter the contest on the Starving Artistamps blog in the same manner, by posting a comment with the URL to the SA blog contest announcement post. You have now successfully entered the contest twice, and you have two chances to win!
You may enter up to two separate cards on both blogs, but each must use different stamps. All cards must use the Van Gogh Technique.
The contest winners will be drawn June 15th. Winners will be notified via blog posts. This contest is not open to Technique Junkie or Starving Artistamps Design Team members. All of the posts will be placed on a public page on Technique Junkie Website at the end of the contest so that everyone can see our collection of work.
Let's see your Van Gogh creations!


Ink-Pattie Fulton said...

VanGogh Contest:
Here's my first card for the contest:

Ink-Pattie Fulton said...

VanGogh Contest:
Here's my second card for the contest:

Lauri said...

Here is mine!!! This was fun!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

stampqueen said...

Here's a card from me for the contest - posted it to TJ egroup too but can't remember the date...

Nina said...

Thanks for having such a fun challenge with a fab prize! Here's my entry:


Anonymous said...

I decided to give it a whirl with my interpretation of this technique:

Anonymous said...

Heres my second go, its an ATC Triptych:

Shar B said...

What a fun technique!

Here's my first entry.

stamping sue said...

What fun! here is my cards for contest

stamping sue

Shar B said...

Okay, I made another one!

Here's my second entry.

Unknown said...

Well...I tried... LOL


Stefanie said...

This was a really hard one for me! Here's my card.