Thursday, June 11, 2009

Riddle: When dies a giraffe become a zebra?

Answer: When one finds out that they don't actually HAVE a giraffe background, but one has a Zebra background! and the Zebra turned out WAY cooler than the giraffe would have!

You see, I love giraffes. Just love them. I pulled my African stamps from I Brake For Stamps out of my stash to use one of the very cool giraffe stamps to make a Scrappy Spots card (Technique Junkie Newsletter technique from the current June 2009 Issue) for another giraffe lover I know (and you know who you are, and I know you read my blog every day, too!). I then went searching for the giraffe background stamp that I *knew* I had. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I do not own a giraffe background stamp! What? Could this be true?

So in it's place, I made this Scrappy Spots card using the Zebra stamps the African plate from I Brake for Stamps. The Zebra background is from Stamp Camp, and I love how I used a black spot with the white embossed inside -- it turned out very zebra-esque, don't you think? The word Escape" is from Close To My Heart. And the ribbon was in the Dollar bin at Michaels.

Enjoy my "giraffe":

Does anyone know where I can find a large giraffe-print background? Oh and don't forget that TJ members get 10% off IB4S using the code TJ10.


Tifany said...

A quick Google search turned up this background stamp (in a set of others) - scroll down the page about 1/4 of the way:

Tifany said...

Here it is by itself:
(search the page for giraffe - approximately 1/3 down the page)

Tifany said...

Okay, I know you said giraffe, but check out the cool zebra stripe background stamp here:

Okay, I think I'm done Googling :o)