Monday, July 30, 2007

Swallowed by Swaps

Every two months I am swallowed by swaps! I host a swap based on the techniques from the current TJ newsletter. Each time, 30 - 40 people sign up. It truly is a joy to open the envelopes, oogle the artwork, and match cards to cards...
So why do I avoid doing it every time? I should have mailed these out last week -- but it was newsletter mailing week, and the special pricing I am running was in full swing. I truly did not have two seconds to add something to my "to-do" list, much less to actually DO the task.

But why do I put it off until the last minute? Is it the two hours I need to spend opening the packages, photographing everything, swapping the cards out and repackaging everything back up? I'm not sure, but I task avoid it every time. More than likely it is because when I get to the last few piles of cards I realize that I have one or two more to swap out than I have left available. It happens every time (and today was no exception!). I know how to fix the problem of course, but I always feel like a big dope -- I think maybe that is what I am avoiding! Repetitive stupidity.
The irony of this is that I love the cards I get from the swaps, and I actually enjoy swapping out the cards (up until the time I realize I am an idiot -- that part I don't like LOL). I even enjoy making the cards -- I try to participate in every swap and make a card for every swapper. This time I made four kinds, 40 in all -- but those were done weeks ago. Maybe i just don't like when it is over! In any case, you can see the swap cards from this issue here.

Here are two I really like! The one on the right was made by Korin Sutherland and uses Close To My Heart Stamps. Korin used the Reverse Prints Technique to make her card.
The card below was made by Cathy Johnstone using Stampin' Up! stamps for the Flap Fold Technique.

So another issue's swap ends -- I have 34 new cards and a floor full of swap debris to show for it!


SusanBluerobot said...

Love you cards thanks for sharing and thank you for the wonnderful card you sent me
bye for now susan

Etha said...

oh - WOW!! I was wondering if you would show us the abundance of cards all in one place, thanks for sharing! Can't wait to receive my package!!

Anonymous said...

What a surprise to find my card on your blog! I am honored and thrilled that you like it so much!!! Can't wait to get my swap back and see all the other wonderful creations!

Cathy said...

Wow! I'm thrilled that you have posted my card on your blog!
Thanks so much!