Friday, July 27, 2007

Creating a Popcorn Scallop

I love making scallop borders with the Stampin' Up! slit punch, but for the blogger's challenge I wanted something a bit less uniform, and more whimsical. So I came up with this easy way to make a border I like to call a "Popcorn Scallop." The card on the left uses the scallop I made for this tutorial : ) The blogger's challenge bag uses it, too. Here's how I did it...
The Slit Punch
Card stock, 3/4" wide
Draw a line approximately 1/2" from one edge using the pencil and ruler. Then, line up the slot punch with the paper top and the line and punch the first scallop.

Now for the second punch. Move the slit punch down so that the bottom of the opening (the straight edge) is aligned with the bottom of the paper. Now, slide the punch to the right until the bottom of the first scallop is aligned with the left side of the half-moon, and punch the second scallop.

To make additional scallops, alternate moving the punch up and down, aligning the left side of the punch with the right cut from the previous scallop.

I like to flip my piece over frequently to do a reality check on the scallop placement.
When finished, attach to the project as desired.


stampingkelly said...

Great tutorial, Pat! I loved seeing how to do a scallop edge with the slit punch. Silly me, I've tried and tried to do one on a full card. I guess I didn't realize it had to be a trim item!! Doh!

Thanks again!

Yvette said...

This is so original! I love it and would have never thought of it on my own. Thanks so much for sharing!