Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Leftovers, Anyone?

Does this ever happen to you? You are working on a swap, making all of the pieces and parts (and a few extra of everything, just in case), and when you finish you have a bunch of pieces left that haven't been used. Not quite enough to make another of the swap cards, mind you, but too much to just toss. What do you do with them? I make leftovers!
That is what I did today before I cleaned my stamping desk from yesterday's swap...I made Halloween leftovers. Just a couple of pieces from my stamping candy jar...
The "Boo" card on the left is my favorite. I used my new Outline Alphabet stamps -- SO cool! See the little "Happy Halloween" above the black piece? it is cut from the Batty Jumbo Wheel. That wheel has a ton of uses! All three of the leftovers here have something from that wheel. All of the black pieces have been stamped with the new Sanded Background in white ink, too.
The piece on the left was just a simpler version of the original swap card. The major difference is that "Trick or Treat" was cut out of the Batty Wheel. Just flipped the designer paper, over, too.
Finally, the piece below was made last. I just punched out the three Batty for You images -- the 1" punch is PERFECT for this. These are layered on punched black 1-1/4" circles and layered on designer paper scraps. Can you guess where the little "Trick or Treat" in the metal piece is from? You guessed it -- the "Batty" Wheel!
Hope you enjoy my leftovers!


Susan said...

I love the designer punch behind the letter b. I have never thought about doing that ... but ... I may have to case you now! Great cards.

Stefanie said...

Love your leftovers Pat! Makes me wonder what the original swap card looked like. ;)

This set it too stinkin' cute, but how many Halloween sets can I own? I will resist your temptations...

rozie640 said...

Oh Pat, I just LOVE all your Creepy Crawlie cards, by far my favrotie stuff in the SU catalog!!!!! I hope you don't mind if I C.A.S.E. a few, I'll give you the artistic credit. I can't get them out of my head!

maggie fellow said...

I think these are great. I wonder if your food leftovers are as creative as your card leftovers :)