Monday, July 2, 2007

Good Technique Gone BAD...and I'm organized again

Well, here it is. A good technique gone bad... This one just did not turn out how I thought it would. I was going for a very textural, lacy, almost spidery effect, and ended up with this blobby-holey thing (that is a technical term!).

I was attempting to duplicate a gorgeous technique that I saw demoed at a stamp convention. The technique directions called for Fusible Webbing. I was excited, because I thought: "I have some of that and I have never used it! Here is my chance!!"

So I pull out all the supplies: Starburst Stains from Lindy's Stamp Gang, Moonglow duotone embossing powders, my heat tool, the cardstock and Fusible Fibers. Anyone see anything wrong with that? Fusible Fibers and Fusible Webbing are NOT the same thing. Not at all. When I heated the fusible fibers, they were great at adhering themselves to..... themselves.... Not to my shimmery cardstock! Back to the drawing board.

So that is how I came to this technique. Again, my thoughts went here "OHHH! I know! I have some of that Heat and Bond stuff! I can use THAT!" So off I go -- sprayed the cardstock (okay, I admit it, my fingertips, too), adhered the Heat and Bond, dumped on duotone EP, and heated it...and these huge, ugly holes erupted. ohhhh... Heat and Bond is not the right stuff either...and although this is kinda cool (notice, it is kinda with a little "k", not a capital "K"), it is not a technique suitable for the Technique Junkies!

Why not, you ask? Well, mainly because I have a few criteria for what I include and what I do not. I have been producing newsletters for 5 years; I think my formula works MOST of the time. Of course, I have made a "few" mistakes. Beaded Toothpaste cost me alot of subscribers (everyone has a lapse in judgement SOMETIMES).

Each time I consider a technique I ask myself a few simple questions:
  1. Does this have appeal to a relatively large audience?
  2. Are the supplies easy to get, or can I offer substitute ideas?
  3. If not, is this a product that is new/fresh/hot on the market?
  4. Does this have a quick and easy appeal?
  5. Is this something that I would be proud to send to my own family and friends?
Let me tell you, this mess failed #1, and most certainly #5. I did end up making two ATCs and a card from the blobby-holey paper (that technical term, again!), but I am still not using it. I love the idea for ATCs, but I wouldn't send a card using it. Would YOU? By the way, I did find the correct product in my stash yesterday while I was cleaning, so the "real" technique will be filmed for a future newsletter. Just in case you want to go shopping : )

Although the card at right isn't something I would send out, the "A" was a cool discovery. That happens sometimes -- one failure leads to a cool idea.

Don't you just love the saying on the card? "Art is not what YOU see, it is what you make OTHERS see." Isn't that appropriate?

Stamp credits:
Dream ATC: Stampland, Rubber Cottage, Stampers Anonymous
Predict the Future ATC: Club Scrap
Art card: Innovative Stamp Creations room is clean!


Lisa Somerville said...

I for one am glad to not have to play with the bubbly technique - but I'm sure the one that makes it into the NL will be great!

Glad to see you're all organized again!

dee ruger said...

Glad to see you are cleaned up again. Now can I come play?


Anonymous said...

Remember......keep all the failures because somewhere, sometime, they will be the perfect item for what you want! Although holey blobby may not fall into that category very often!

Jealous of your cleaned up room. Mine is full of scraps that need to be filed. My desk is so full I only have about 1 square foot of usable space. Time to put stuff away!

KathyR said...

I like what happened w/ your tech.
No such thing as an error when it comes to art!

Etha said...

Oh gosh now your room looks scary clean :) but nice for inspiration, I like to start out clean every time. The technique gone bad reminds me a lot of a real bad sunburn :( I hope you get it figured out with the right stuff, the idea sounds very interesting.
Thanks for showing!!

Stampin_Melissa said...

I echo the thought that the technique gone bad looks like a bad sunburn! Yikes!

Nice clean room, wanna come help with mine? ;-)

Unknown said...

I'd love to see more complete photos of your craft room. Looks awesome and I could use some ideas as I'm in the process of redesigning mine.

Sharon Harnist said...

Great to see you blogging, Pat! I have those same Store-In-Style cubes -- aren't they great?