Monday, June 22, 2009

Um...Are those roses DEAD?

Yup. Those sure look like dead roses. They started out as sweet as the Yellow Rose of Texas. Call this an experiment gone horribly wrong...
This leads me to my favorite tip of all time: "Never be afraid to experiment. It is only PAPER!" As you can probably imagine, I could paper the walls of a castle in Scotland with my experiments turned bad. Instead, I turned this one into a card. Aren't you lucky that I'm sharing it with you?
So how could this happen, anyway? It all started out pretty innocent. I embossed the flower (embossing folder and stamps by Stampin' Up!) on banana cardstock and cut it out. I wanted to add dimension to the flower, so I outlined it in...brown water-based marker. Uh-oh. Not pretty! So let's spritz it with water and see if we can transfer the color to other parts of the working. Okay, let's just sponge on some brown ink. Finally, Success -- for creating dead roses, that is.
Now some of you are probably wondering WHY in the world I finished the card. Why not just toss the brown abomination and move on? Well...because many times I can transform disasters like this into something acceptable or even better. Not this time! Even with the Torn Frame (February 2009) layered sentiment, stamping in the background, and all the lovely paper piecing, it still looks like....dead roses. You know, the only thing wrong with this whole card is the color choice. The basic layout is fine. so let's try it again, shall we?

Ah. Much better. Pretty in pink. Same layout. This time I used the Vanilla Double Technique on the background from the
October 2005 TJ Newsletter, which is on CD4 (Did you know that This CD, which has over 75 techniques on it, is only $11.56 including shipping, for US subscribers?). The same Torn Frames sentiment. I added another layer of cardstock behind the roses, but that was about the only other change. Much better in pink, don't you think?
Ah still, nothing says "I love you" like dead roses.
So, what can I use the brown card for? Should I save it for someone who makes a really bad life choice? Anyone want it?
Thanks for reading today's tome!


Jane Wetzel said...

wow...I love the dead roses...I DO! Both cards are gorgeous... :)

Max und Maria Hoefler said...

Pat I actually prefer the brown card. If you feel it needs a fix, what about going over the embossed part with either gold leaf or just a gold Encore ink pad? I'd add some fabulous ribbon or fibers too.
There's always (ok, almost) hope.

Michelle D in Oregon said...

Pat, First, thanks for the laugh and a light-hearted look into the creative life of Pat! I'm with you on this one - I don't like the brown and yellow combination. I'm gonna bet someone else will love it! It is kind of rustic - maybe you could do an "old west layout" and add a dead brown rose as an embellishment.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, Pat....brown is one of my favorite colors, and I kinda prefer the brown one. Don't think they look dead at all. They just look....brown. And lovely.
By all means, send it to me, LOL!
Eileen in NYC

Sally Lynn MacDonald said...

Hysterical, Pat. Love it!!!! ;) Thanks for giving me a morning giggle.

bluemoonbynite at yahoo dot com said...

I think the card should go to someone who practices unkindness, with a twist. Write inside, Thank you for your kindness. haha. I have just the person for it. You could also try black for this purpose roses! :) evil grin!

Janis Morris said...

I can see this with a vintage brown-toned old photo and some shabby chic vintage stuff layered on.