Thursday, June 25, 2009

Always Bargello

You know that Rice Krispies Treat commercial where the woman serves the Rice Krispies Treats to her family, but takes a moment to douse her cheeks with flour before leaving the kitchen to signify how hard she slaved to make them?

That is what this technique is like. Bargello. The sweetest little secret anywhere. It is sinfully easy, and can be made from scraps. And it is in the June 2009 Technique Junkie Newsletter. Let me let you in on a secret -- this is one of the easiest -- yet most impactful -- techniques of the issue. You HAVE to try it!

All stamps used are from the Always stamp set ©Stampin' Up.

So come on, Junkies! What are you waiting for? Let's see your BARGELLO!


Debby said...

Wow this is cool!

Beth Norman said...

I love this card. It is so bright and pretty. Lovely technique and lovely outcome!

Patty Williams said...

I don't know what Bargello is but I can see a definite pattern there.

It's gorgeous is what I do know!

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful Pat, I love it.

Anonymous said...

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