Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday Giveaway -- Alluring Impressions

I am on vacation this week. This post is scheduled to appear on my blog on Wednesday, April 16th. I will answer any questions about its contents upon my return.
Ahoy Matey! This is the best pirate sheet of stamps EVER! I am proud to have this Alluring Impressions Set to give away on my blog today. Fifteen pirate-themed images in deeply-etched red rubber. Shiver Me Timbers, you will want to win these, land lubbers!
I love these stamps! I have to tell you, there are some mighty good stamps on their website, too, Matey!

The card that the lucky winner will receive with their Alluring Impressions Stamp set uses the Burnt Edges Technique from the February 2007 edition of the Technique Junkie Newsletter. Nothing says Yo-Ho-Ho better than this!

Now, here is how you can win the giveaway this week:

ANYONE can enter this give away. One entry per person per give away, please. To enter the give away for today, simply leave a comment on this blog entry telling me that you would like to enter by 11:59am EST on Saturday, April 19th. No other entry methods will be included in the give away. If you email me to enter, your entry will NOT be considered a valid entry. When you leave the comment, make sure to put your NAME in the comment -- if you enter your comment as "Anonymous", I cannot give you the prize! Blogger does NOT record your email address for me, so you will need to check back to find out if you have won or include your email address in your comment so that I can notify you. A good way to do this is like so: phuntoon at optonline dot net -- it will help protect your privacy! I will have a random number generator pick one number from the comments to select one winner. Each give-away is separate, so to be eligible for a specific item you must enter that day's contest on the post where it is listed. Enter today -- good luck! I have blog give aways every week -- come play!
The winner of this set is Keri Parrish!! Congrats, Keri!


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Kim said...

arghhhh...what an awesome set of stamps! I would love to win this one!

milesavery2 said...

Please enter me.This is a great set.
Pat A

Anonymous said...

What a great set. Please enter me in the giveaway.


Anonymous said...

Cute set! I want it
Betty McCommon

Elaine said...

What a great card for a guy!! Love those stamps too!

Germana Ferrao said...

Wow, lovely card as always Pat, you inspire me with my art work! please count me in! Hugs always,

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