Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday Give away - Artistic Outpost

I love these give aways! It is always so much fun to make a card from a fabulous sheet of stamps then have the honor of giving them both away.

Today's give away is the Happiness Rubber Stamp Plate shown below from Artistic Outpost. I made the card above using the set. The background uses the Createx Creations technique from the April 2008 issue of the Technique Junkie Newsletter, combined with the PE Gloss technique from the December 2005 issue of the Newsletter. The purple butterfly on top looks like it just landed there, doesn't it? : )
Both the card and the set will be sent to the winner of the give away.

Robyn, the owner of Artistic Outpost, has the following stamp plates at 20% ($8.80!) during April:
Singing Cowboy
- Distant Generations
- Hair is Important
- Polaroid Cutie

I have every one of these sheets (does that surprise you?) and I love them!

Now, here is how you can win the giveaway this week (not that you basically have until Noon Friday -- I am going away on Saturday for a week, and I want to have time to mail these out):

ANYONE can enter this give away. One entry per person, per give away, please. To enter the give away for today, simply leave a comment on this blog entry telling me that you would like to enter by 11:59am EST on Friday, April 11th. No other entry methods will be included in the give away. If you email me to enter, your entry will NOT be considered a valid entry. When you leave the comment, make sure to put your NAME in the comment -- if you enter your comment as "Anonymous", I cannot give you the prize! Blogger does NOT record your email address for me, so you will need to check back to find out if you have won or include your email address in your comment so that I can notify you. A good way to do this is like so: phuntoon at optonline dot net -- it will help protect your privacy! I will have a random number generator pick one number from the comments to select one winner. Each give-away is separate, so to be eligible for a specific item you must enter that day's contest on the post where it is listed. Enter today -- good luck! I have blog give aways every week -- come play!
The winner of this giveaway is Terri Capobianco -- congrats, Terri!