Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sometimes simple works, too...

 Okay. I have a confession. Ready?

 I used to think I was fold and construction-card challenged. I did. I thought I couldn't do it.  But you know what? With good directions, ANYONE can be...um...constructive. 

So on the new Technique Junkie Newsletter Fancy Folds and Motion Paper Crafts CD, there are plenty of ideas with excellent directions. So you can make something fast and simple -- like the Attached Pocket Card above -- or you can elect to make something more challenging.  Either way, I promise you that you will have fun!

Okay, so tomorrow I will post something from the October issue and not from the CD...  but I am so excited by what you will receive on the CD that I will get right back to it later this week.  Hope ya' don't mind!

BTW- I am working on a page for you that lists all of the Techniques on the CD. I promise I will let you know the location ASAP.

In the meantime, if you haven't yet ordered it, you can order the CD using this button:


And thanks for allowing me to confess! Until tomorrow --

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Cheryl said...

Pat I am planning on getting a check into the mail for this CD.