Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another Fancy Fold....

I can't get enough of these folds! This one is particularly great -- it is a longer-than-normal accordion card that leaves you plenty of space to decorate AND write a greeting to the recipient. I have a hard time taking a picture of this one to capture the beauty of it, so I hope you get the idea. It is a three panel, Vertical Accordion Card from the soon-to-be-released Fancy Folds and Motion Paper Crafts CD. Have you ordered yours yet?

You can order it HERE - or renew your subscription at the same time as ordering it HERE. You do NOT need to be a subscriber to order the CD, either.

There are 60 Fancy Folds and Motion Paper Crafts Projects on this CD. 30 of them are from the Technique Junkie Newsletter Archives, and 30 of them are brand new for you! All of them are in step-by-step picorial format, and are printable to 8-1/2" x 11" paper. They are friendly to Macs and PCs alike, since they are in PDF format. The Cd will be shipped in early November, so you will have plenty of time to make Holiday Gifts and Cards, too!

My card was made with Club Scrap Stamps and Paper.  Thanks for stopping by today!


Elaine A said...

Pat -

This is just beautiful! I love it and you've used my favorite color family, purples and green. Gorgeous!

Elaine Allen

Beth Norman said...

Beautiful, Pat. Your purples are lovely and elegant. Lucky person who receives this beauty.

Joanna McDonald said...

Pat, Joanna here.I signed up for 1yr newsletter on 10-30-10. I have
changed my mind.Will you please
cancel that order & order 2yrs.
renewal w/Fancy folds CD @$50.95(I
think that's right).I have tried
every e-mail adress of yours & none
will go through?! Also,I can't believe it but once again I have lost my user name & password.You gave it to me once & I thought I had it written in my Internet address,etc. but, i hadn't. so, if
you would be every so kind to email
it to me again,I promise to write
it in immediately. In addition,
please email me regarding the order
change and do you have any!! idea
why none of you email address will
go through!? I even googled it and
of course it was the same - but would not go through. Thanks,
Joanna McDonald, windhavensdelta@aol.com