Monday, August 6, 2007

Challenge for a Girl -- Don't look Leigh!

I recently participated in a one-on-one swap where the idea was to "Challenge Your Partner." We were assigned partners and each person had to send items to the other. When you received your items, you were to make a card and return it to the sender.
My partner was Leigh O'Brien. If you are not familiar with Leigh, you should be! She is a great stamper with a phenomenal eye for color and design. Her work continuously inspires me! I was fun to have her as a partner.

Leigh sent me the pile of items shown here, with instructions to make a "girly" card (and to try to use some stamps, to LOL). I am always excited to make girl things -- I have two boys and I live in a testosterone filled world. Well, as you can see, she gave me alot to choose from! I ended up creating the card on the right with her items.

I hope Leigh likes this card -- I loved making it for her!

Leigh posted her creation to me on her blog - go take a look! I had to peek : ) I can't wait to see it in person!


Etha said...

Oh wow, now THAT's girly indeed :)
Love what you did with your 'supplies' and I'm sure she'll love it!!

Anonymous said...

Terrific card. Very feminine.

Lisa Somerville said...

great way to turn a pile of stuff into a cute "girly" card

Cheryl said...

Cool, cool card and very girly looking.

Unknown said...

Spectacular Pat! You did a great job with the items sent to you and I'm sure the Leigh will LOVE it!

stampingkelly said...

Awesome girly card, Pat!

And I loved Leigh's card back to you (naughty to peek though LOL).


Anonymous said...

YEA for me! Mine, mine, mine...ALL MINE!