Thursday, August 2, 2007

This made my day!

Did you ever get an email that you read over and over (and over and over)? This is one that I received that just keeps me smiling!

"Dear Pat,

I just had to write to you. I ordered all past techniques CD's and have been getting newsletters for several months. I also have to admit that I am a SU demo and haven't ever taken the time to open these and look at them until I got my latest newsletter yesterday. I opened that because I've seen a few artwork emails lately showing the 'Z Fold card', and that made me look further as I wanted the scoring dimensions. I looked thru the newsletter and saw several beautiful cards and 'text' tutorials. Well, these were 'interesting' but didn't get me real excited, and I found I was going to have to go online to get the z-fold info. So, I dug out the original email you sent me and logged on with the id and password.

Oh, WOW!! I surely didn't know what I'd been missing!! I've now spent the last few hours going through just this latest newsletter THESE ARE TUTORIALS!! Then, of course, I thought I ought to check the other artwork using the techniques. DOUBLE WOW!

I am so sorry I haven't been using this resource ... but, be assured, I will NOW!!

BTW, my favorites this month are the Veined Marble, Stippled Frames, Burnished Watercolors, and Melted Medallions (I'll have to get a melting pot!!). Can't wait to try these!
I'm off to SU convention this week but when I get home my first purchase will be webbing spray!

Thanks so much for a really wonderful, well-put-together website, filled with awesome creativity!! Better late than never, I guess (that's me finding what I was missing!)

Thanks again,
Crystal F"

Thank you, Crystal! It is so important to me that you love the site!


Etha said...

I can only second that. The online picture tutorials are the BEST! I refer to them often. But my first visit is always the example artwork! your design team is so wonderful and it makes all the world to see the same technique in their different interpretations!!
And I go back a LOT to view the sample artwork, each time I see something new that had not caught my eye before.

Lisa Somerville said...

gotta love those "ahha moments" when people realize there's more than just a fantastic paper issue - there's step by step online tutorials too!