Wednesday, November 16, 2011

3D Gift Card Box - It is so cool!

I know I am not supposed to have favorites (it is like picking your favorite child), but in this case, I do. This 3D Gift Card Box is my favorite (okay, ONE of my favorites) from the newest TJ CD: 3D and Fun Folds.  The Cd has 70 tutorials on it, all in pdf format, step-by-step with pictures for each step -- and multiple finished-piece examples. is only $17.95 (US/Canada - $19.95 for Overseas). Go to the link above to see all of the tutorials on the CD.

The cool thing about this particular project is that it is a box - until the lid is removed. Then it is this really cool 3-D gift card holder. Even my 16 year-old son is impressed with this one!
And the directions for this are remarkably easy - even the most folding-impaired can follow the directions. Try the CD -- you will not be disappointed!

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Unknown said...

Very cool! I like it :)