Tuesday, August 16, 2011

As you read this, I am off to take my oldest son to college. It is a bittersweet time for me. I am thrilled that my son is starting a new chapter into adulthood, but melancholy about the big hole that he leaves in my heart because of his impending absence.

Millions of moms get over this every summer. I will too.

This card is dedicated to him. I used the Glassy Embossing Technique (on the Emboss or Die CD)  on the Well Worn Designer Paper and added other distressing touches to finish off the card.

In addition to the college orientation and drop-off, we are visiting my dad and dh's parents while we are south-bound.  I will have internet access on and off for the week and may check in from time to time. Any orders placed between now and August 25th will be processed upon my return.
Stamps: Stampin' Up! Daring Adventure; Well Worn Background
Paper: Well Worn DP


Beth Norman said...

Love this. Your colour combination is great as well as the technique.

Patrice H said...

Hi Pat, Bitter Sweet yes but very exciting. You will both grow and he will be just fine and have a great college experience you just wait and see!
PS the card is beautiful as usual!!

Tina Campbell said...

Fantastic Card! Love all the colors and fitting for a man heading to college.

txexperiment said...

I sympathize with your sentiments about your oldest beginning college.

First of all, congrats on helping him to get that far! It's a big step and he will really change as the months and years go on but it will be exciting also as he pursues his life's chosen goals.

My oldest is finished with college and now has 3 lovely little girls who have given me more pleasure than anything else in my life. Had she not grown up, I would not have this joy in my life.

My son is entering his senior year in college and has been a dream kid. We have been very close as he grew up and I had the time to spend with him that I did not have with my daughter. He moved out for a couple months this summer to take a job in his field that was too far to commute. I really mourned the first few weeks but then began to realize the freedom that I had with him gone. He still came back on weekends and is now home full time while he finishes college. He enjoyed the freedom of living on his own but it has matured him and made him more aware of the comforts we provide for him.

It's all good and part of our lives journey. We need to enjoy the good and mourn the losses because they help us to grow and mature ourselves.

God's blessings to you and your family.

I have always enjoyed your work and you were one of my first websites that I ever read regularly!