Thursday, March 5, 2009

Triple Play Giveaway - Day 2!

As promised in yesterday's giveaway post, here is the second Triple Play Card (Technique from the February 2009 issue of the TJ Newsletter) for the Giveaway from I Brake for Stamps. The details on the giveaway are HERE in cased you missed them, but basically, you can enter this giveaway three times -- yesterday, today and tomorrow -- for three chances to win. Enter once per day for the three days, one post per day.

I had originally intended on using the "Audrey" image for this post -- but since I just used her a week ago on THIS post, I decided to highlight this image. I just have to tell you that it is a little tongue-in-cheek that the "happy days" phrase was paired with the waist/corset image. The days when my waist was that small were happy ones indeed (oh wait, never mind -- now I am wiser, smarter, and happier - probably because I can eat LOL).

I also kept thinking about the collective female population: What were they THINKING to wear those ridiculous corsets! Silly girls. The things we do for fashion! Ah yes, no 19" waist here -- but at least I can eat pasta.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway on this post today by entering a comment on this post. I hope you didn't think that my corset commentary was too restricting, crossed the line or was even a waste (yes, puns intended - ouch).