Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happiness and how 1 equals 9

Today's artwork features the Oil Pastel Gesso Technique from the February 2008 issue of the Technique Junkie Newsletter. The stamps used are from the Happiness
Stampin' Up! stamp.

I had been eyeing this stamp for a long time. I knew I wanted to split it up, though, because a stamp like that -- with so much solid space -- is almost impossible to ink properly. I am a big proponent of proper stamp conditioning to get stamps to hold ink and stamp the right way. It is a peeve of mine when there is white where there should be color. Especially on my OWN work.

In order for me to use the stamp unmounted, I would have to peel off the mounting cushion, and I hate doing that. I also know that unmounted straight-line stamps are very hard to use. So what to do?

One day I visited Patty Bennett's blog and she mentioned that she had a resource for wood blocks for this set. I was all over that like butter on toast! So I went to the blog of Mitch Kemp: The Block Guy -- and ordered my own set. I mounted them today and viola! A perfectly inked, perfectly straight stamp! And guess what ladies! He has them on sale now, too. I am not affilitiated in ANY way -- just thrilled with his service. If you have been thinking about doing this at all, I encourage you to email him!

When the set of 9 blocks came in the mail (very fast service!), I immediately went to seperate the stamps. Because some of the images are close to each other, I used a ruler and craft knife first to create guide lines before I used my Kai scissors to cut the rubber.

When done, I carefully used scissors to cut apart the index and adhered them to the blocks (very smooth -- very professional).

Now I have a set of NINE (9) stamps that I will use 9 times as much as the one big honkin' stamp!

The cool thing is that The Block Guy has wood for other sets too -- my next one to mount is the Lots of Thoughts set.

If you order, tell Mitch I sent you!


Another Loock Creations said...

Very cool Pat!!! I so would have made a mess out of that!

Yvette said...

What a great tip - and referral. Thanks Pat!

Orion Designs said...

What you did with that stamp is a great idea and thanks for the link to the awesome block guy!


Jules said...

This is such a great idea! I looked at that stamp together and I didn't care for it...but separate what a great set!!!

Anonymous said...


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Sandi said...

Thanks for a good solution to an ever present problem!

Sandi Figura

Amy said...

Are you still glad you cut this stamp. Mine is still sitting uninked and un cut because I am scared!