Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ever make something, then can't decide whether you like it? That's how I feel about this card.  It uses the Chalk Emboss Technique (originally from Shelly Hickox) from the December 2011 issue of the Technique Junkie Newsletter. I cut apart the embossing folder and re-layered it on the peach cardstock; the original solid piece was just too much to use as a whole. Stamps are from the Tim Holtz line. What do you think? Chic or Bleak?


KVencel said...

It's a lovely card, maybe just a tad blah. I think a darker version of the car would make it pop & highlight some of the wonderful "darklights" in the background. I think the background technique is wonderful!

Juliet A said...

I think it is unusually bright for a Tim Holtz card. You either love his dark grungy style, or you don't.

Bev said...

Hi Shelley.
I think you're being a little Tough on yourself bit IMHO I love the Design and also the Concept. I think all it is missing is the Pop. With these Colors all being dulled down perhaps the Jalopy just needs something to give it a chance to Stand Out. I would probably darken it or even try it with Embossing Powder. However, I am certainly no expert. It's just what my eyes see.