Monday, October 5, 2009

A Sepia Apology

I am a huge believer that you should give credit where it is due. That is why I am writing this blog post with my tail between my legs!

I owe a HUGE Sepia apology to Jan Tinklenberg. Jan Tink was responsible for creating the Sepia Technique, which she featured on her blog earlier this year. The Sepia Technique is featured in the October/November 2009 of the Technique Junkie Newsletter, and acknowledgment of Jan as the technique originator was not included in the newsletter. For those of you wondering, Jan Tink has long been a TJ subscriber and has contributed many of her techniques to us over the years.

I am so sorry, Jan! You are a Stamping Goddess and I bow deeply at your feet in apology. Please forgive me! (All kidding aside --- I am truly sorry!)

The card on the left uses Jan's Technique with Stampin' Up!'s Autumn Treasures stamp. I hope I did your technique justice, Jan!


Anonymous said...

To Jan, a beautiful card, and to Pat, so gracious of you to acknowledge her. :)

Julie Dinn said...

Fantastic Card! Jan is such a fantastic stamper, thank you for acknowledging her work