Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ideas for Beach Pages...

I realized today that I have not been adding Scrapbook pages to this blog. A big error on my part -- I scrapbook almost every Friday and accomplish 4 - 6 pages a week. I should be sharing them more! Here are a few -- I hope you enjoy them!
Since I am working on some of the pictures I took last summer, I thought I would share some beach ideas with you.
The first layout just uses a stitching stamp. I wanted the idea of the fabric stitched onto fabric for the paper pieces, so I just stamped stitching around the edges. I love the way this turned out -- it was a super-quick page that has great visual impact.

Here is a close up of the stitches (oh! I stamped on the chipboard letter
s, too!).

The next page uses stamping on both the pre-printed paper, the frame, and the photographs. I love flourish stamps, and I love how they give movement to photographs. A little white flourish in the corners of the photos are all that were needed add more visual interest. Click on the layout to see things in more detail.

My favorite photos is this one:

I love the position I caught my son in! Notice that I journaled around the edges of the paper, too...added white to the pre-printed flourishes....and stamped little designs on the pictures and paper.

That's it for today -- I hope you enjoyed these pages!

Oh -- I also added more artwork to the Slide show at the bottom of this page, too.


Unknown said...

Great pages! I love the idea of adding scrap pages to your blog!

Shirley said...

Actually I am glad you added them. I think they are great! Love the beach too! The art you've used can be applied to cards too. Getting my blogs in a feed makes it so much easier to keep up with everyone!

Anonymous said...

Love the stamping on photos! Haven't done that before - what kind of ink do you use?

Unknown said...

pat these pages are fabulous!! i would LOVE to see more scrapbook pages here - maybe set aside one day a week for it??? i am trying to get back to more scrapbooking so i don't get behind! i love using TJ techs on my pages too

Caryn said...

Love these. What kind of ink do you use to stamp on photos? Do you need to because not to let it smear or will it dry right away? Great page.

kathleen said...

Thanks for the inspiration Pat.

Kathleen Rivera