Monday, January 7, 2008

My Weekend Scrapfest!

This past Saturday my husband went away for the weekend with my youngest son, and I had a 10 hour scrapfest with my friends. There is nothing like a few good friends, a creative hobby, and alot of laughter to recharge a girl's batteries. It was a productive day, too. The holiday months have been crazy for me and I haven't had any time to scrap for many weeks. As a result, my October, November and December Club Scrap kits have been woefully neglected... I had looked through all of them, but I hadn't done much more.

On Saturday, I dug into the December kit -- rich browns, shimmery blues, coppery-browns, and pure white luscious textured papers. I always find it best to dig into the kit and match up pictures until the papers are depleted (see, that way I don't need to try to find space in my already jammed 12"x12" paper file drawers!).

I used the whole kit on Saturday -- I not only made 8 pages and an 8" x 8" Paris book for my coffee table, I dug into the November kit, and finished three more layouts, too!
I finished 11 scrap pages and made a mini book about Paris for my coffee table. I hope you enjoy them!


Cheryl said...

Pat what wonderful pages! Getting together with friends to scrap is the best thing on earth. I've been working on my December kit also and can't wait to pick up my pics today to add.

Unknown said...

The Paris book is wonderful.You must have had a great time!!

Susan said...

I love the mini book and your layouts are great. Congratulations on being so productive! I'm jealous, lol!
Seriously, time w/ friends is special and you need it every now and then.

Yvette said...

You have such beautiful light in your Paris photos. Really great with the light effects of sprakle!

Haley D. said...

Thanks for sharing! Love all the layouts, but especially your Paris book.

Anonymous said...

Loved your slide show and the Paris book inspired me to finally get to my Italy book for the coffee table.Thanks for all the inspiration