Friday, September 17, 2010

Today is the day!!

CD8 is coming TODAY! I expect shipment of the CDs today -- have you ordered yours?

The 8th edition CD contains 101 tutorials -- all of the step-by-step pictorials from the Technique Junkie Newsletter October 1009 through August 2010 issues plus 10 bonus techniques. 

The CD is $14.95 for US Subscribers, $15.95 for Canadian Subscribers, or $16.95 for Overseas Subscribers.

Renewal with the CD is $29.95 ($32.95 Canadian; $35.95 overseas).  Not a subscriber? No problem! The CD is $19.95 alone, or $29.95 for the CD and one year of the newsletter.

Email me for an invoice today!

The above artwork uses the Spots and Phrases Technique, one of the 10 bonus Techniques on the CD. Stamps used: Post Impressions and Stampin' Up!.


Anne said...

Oh Hetty, I would love to have this CD. Thanks for the chance to win it and then for all the great ideas.


Monica-FC said...

who won the giveaway by the way?? love the card and how those squares seem to dance all over.