Saturday, April 17, 2010

Scrappin' Saturday: School Days

I started this feature on my blog -- Scrappin' Saturday -- where I would post a stamped scrapbook page once per week...and it lasted one whole week! Seriously, I could show you a billion pages..but for some reason, taking a good picture of them is beyond me. Bad pictures be damned, I will try to post more!

In any case, a few years ago one of my sisters drove around our childhood town of Cheektowaga NY and took pictures of some of our "landmarks." Since NONE of my 5 brothers or sisters still live in or anywhere near Buffalo, I decided to create my own little book about my childhood home, places I visited, memories of my family, etc. I haven't even told my family about this -- I am certain that my DH, my sons, and even some of my siblings would all think it  was lame. I don't care! Some day I will have grandchildren who will be interested, LOL. 

The stamps and paper used on this layout are from Close To My Heart. Thanks for stopping by today!


Holly said...

at something approaching elder middle age....I think this is NOT lame, it's fantastic.

Beth Norman said...

Great layout. Not a lame idea at all. 10 years ago I drove out to the small village I grew up in and took all kinds of photos. I did scrapbooks for my sisters with those photos. They really appreciated it, especially since they moved from Canada to Atlanta 25 years ago.

Connie Paxman said...

Pat love your page...good for you to scrap every Saturday...
connie paxman

Elaine A said...

Pat -

I don't think this is lame at all. These places are part of what makes you who you are. I just wish I had photos of some of the schools I went to. I have photos of the schools I attended in NY, but none of the ones when we lived in California. Besides Pat, you know that areas sometimes change drastically and it always fun to see the changes. So - not lame at all!

Elaine Allen